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Tower reviews the footwear aboard P&O Cruises

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P&O Cruises is the largest cruise line to serve the British Market – with a 5% market share of cruise lines worldwide. Tower was tasked with reviewing the footwear used across its entire fleet of eight cruise ships, after complaints arose about the comfort of the existing products, as well as slip issues on deck.


We started with a survey to diagnose the issue and conducted product trials. We discovered that there was variation in the number of shoes purchased and that they were of lower quality.

Tower rationalised the range of footwear, ensuring higher quality uppers and a new TPU sole unit.


  • Despite enhancing the quality, we achieved a 41% cost saving in the first year
  • The new sole material was more hardwearing and, with a sharper grip pattern, had a very high slip co-efficient
  • Slip accidents reduced by 68%

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