Stock Management

Stock Management

Tower operates warehouses in Dorset. One in Upton, Poole, and another state-of-the-art distribution center in Holton Heath. The sheer size of our distribution centre, plus our broad range of products and partnerships with leading brands, means we can become your single source for health, safety, and hygiene and even offer next day delivery.

In addition, we offer RFID tracking, vendor-managed inventory, imprest, and consignment stock. We will always implement solutions that consider your location, environment, products, their usage and required availability.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) combines the functional benefits of vending and managed stores, without the need for a permanent or dedicated resource to fulfil issuing. It suits high traffic, usage and value environments.

Benefits include:

  • Staff can enter and exit the secure stock location and be identified by the system.
  • Delegation of authority can be used to automate allowance (checkout) by staff depending on product and/or quantity.
  • Tower replenishes stock at the location, ensuring all goods have a RFID tag.
  • Using this solution needn’t be limited to Tower goods and the system can facilitate returnable/maintainable items.

A mobile yet secure unmanned RFID store can be implemented using a doorway fitted to a shipping container (from 10-foot to 40-foot).

RFID can also be implemented in an open store via antennas, which track tagged product movement, such as the direction of travel of the tag. Placement of the antennas can be integrated within structure of your store or retrofitted to walls or doorways.


We can help you to implement vending facilities at your workplace. We can even produce a plan to mitigate the cost of mobilising vending.

The type of vending machine you need will depend on the products you plan to dispense, the style of packaging, unit of measure and the volumes expected. For example, the carousel and locker styles are popular for PPE.

Imprest and consignment stock

If you would like to store our products at your site, we can provide full and half height lockable cabinets or a 20-foot lined container with lighting free-on-loan.

We also offer consignment stock, with the stock count accessible via our smart ordering portal CTRL Cloud.

Smart stock ordering

CTRL Cloud is the smart ordering portal that puts you in complete control, so that you get the right goods to the right place at the right time – at the right price.

CTRL Cloud is the UK’s leading integrated PPE supply management solution, and it is fundamental to maximising the value of working with Tower. Discover the benefits of our smart solution CTRL.

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