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Replace up to 90% of your cleaning and disinfecting products with a sustainable cleaning solution suitable for countless working environments.

A revolution in cleaning

CtrlFlow uses innovative technology to combine water and salt. This creates an endless supply of 100% natural liquid solution.

CtrlFlow is easily transferred and dispensed into any type of buckets, sprayers, or container, so that anyone can start using it right away.

Not only is it completely hypoallergenic and safe to use on any surface, it's also deceptively powerful and proven to be up to 100 times more effective than bleach.

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Supporting your goals

By making the switch to CtrlFlow for your cleaning, you can make big strides in reaching your sustainability targets.

Replacing 90% of our cleaning products with a natural solution, massively helps your Scope 1 by significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

An endless supply of solution also helps improve your bottom line with the long term cost-in-use benefits of replacing single-use products.

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Challenging the industry

We're asking cleaning companies around the world to join us in challenging decades of cleaning traditions that use synthetic and environmentally damaging chemicals.

Unlike traditional cleaning and disinfecting products such as bleach, CtrlFlow produces a natural, and therefore practically odourless solution. This means redefining how cleanliness is judged.

When innovation meets sustainability

CtrlFlow can completely change the cleaning and disinfecting process in your work environment. CtrlFlow reduces plastics, costs, logistics and transport by replacing up to 90% of your regular cleaning and disinfectant products.

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Award nominated

CtrlFlow has been so influential in the cruise industry that it was nominated for Product of the Year at the Seatrade Cruise Awards 2022.

Ctrl Flow Sustainable Facts short

Ocean-friendly solution

Unlike regular cleaning chemicals, CtrlFlow dissipates into water and any waste liquid is neutralised when in contact with organic matter.


Naturally sustainable

Once installed, what goes into the machine (water and salt) is naturally sustainable and the CO2 outputs of the system are minimal.

Cleaning and Janitorial

Completely hypoallergenic

As there is no risk of irritation to the skin, CtrlFlow eliminates the need for chemical handling PPE equipment and training.

How CtrlFlow works

By applying a small electrical current to a specialised electrolysis cell CtrlFlow generates a hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide combined solution with just water and salt. Depending on the task at hand, CtrlFlow can generate three different types of solution to use.

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Customer experience

P&O Cruises testimonial

"CtrlFlow helps our environmental goals and we only need one product for the entire cleaning process."

Senior Partner

Chairman Daniel Aris

"This has the power to change the cleaning and disinfecting process in any working environments."

IMPA SAVE Chairman

Mikael Karlsson

"I believe that this technology can have a significant impact on improving sustainability in the shipping sector."

Used by leading companies

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Carnival UK 5
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Fred Olsen 3
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Ongoing support

Swap to CtrlFlow and you'll be looked after throughout its lifetime. We provide support including technical user manuals, instructional videos, easy-start guides, online and phone support, and services for larger devices.

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CtrlFlow solutions

We have a variation of CtrlFlow options to suit a wide variety of tasks workplaces. From the handy CtrlFlow 2 Litre kettle to the larger systems used on cargo ships.

  • Ctrl Flow Machine
    Cruise ships The CtrlFlow-40 Plus system is used
    extensively on cruise ships, generating
    hypochlorous acid and sodium
    hypochlorite solutions for general
    cleaning and disinfection tasks.

    CtrlFlow can be used in all areas of the
    ship including cabins, restaurants and
    cafes, kitchens and bars. As well as all
    public areas and crew quarters.
  • Ctrl Flow Kettle
    Facilities The CtrlFlow kettles have a 2L capacity of mixed oxidant
    solution enabling you to produce a cleaning solution on demand. Suitable for small to medium sized commercial facilities with 25-30 crew members.
  • 5 K machine
    Water treatment The 5K systems produce a mixed oxidant solution
    (hypochlorous and sodium hypochlorite) at around
    5000 parts per million (ppm). To treat potable water
    supplies, this concentrated solution is dosed into
    the water to achieve around 2ppm, allowing you to
    treat large volumes of water.
  • Catholyte
    Cargo ships The catholyte systems generate enough cleaning solutions to
    sufficiently clean large cargo ships. These systems can be used to clean and disinfect bulk cargo holds used for transporting black cargoes and agricultural products.

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