FR Arc

Flame-resistant and arc flash clothing

FR & arc flash PPE & protective clothing that ensures safety and compliance when working with fire/electricals.


Workplace risks

Flame retardant (FR) & arc flash PPE is a crucial type of protective clothing. It can mean the difference between life and death for those working with fire and electrical hazards. FR & Arc Flash clothing is essential for industries such as electrical utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and more, where workers are at risk from severe burns and other life-threatening injuries.

As a leading provider of protective workwear and PPE, Tower Supplies recognises the critical nature of such protective gear and offers a comprehensive range of FR/arc flash clothing solutions, including our FireBear range.

FireBear: our exclusive FR and arc flash workwear range

FireBear is our signature range of specialist anti-static, flame retardant and arc flash rated protective workwear. FireBear was developed with wearers over extensive trial periods to achieve record levels of user acceptance and satisfaction, whilst enduring the toughest environments. FireBear delivers more protection in less layers - putting safety first.

Fire Bear BG2

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Bespoke FR and arc flash workwear solutions for your business

Tower are experts in PPE and workwear, with over 40 years experience in the industry. We understand that every business's needs are different, so we work with them to create and deliver the very best workwear solutions for their situation. Protecting workers to the highest standard is our top priority.

We also understand that staying safe whilst also staying on brand and recognisable is important to many businesses. This is why we offer branded solutions for our workwear, to keep workers safe and seen.


Fire-resistant (FR) vs arc flash clothing

Not all FR clothing gives you arc flash protection. But all arc flash clothing IS flame retardant. This is because FR clothing is only arc flash rated if it has been tested and certified according to arc flash suit standards. It is crucial that you read the labels of garments and equipment. If an arc flash hazard is apparent, check your PPE for the ‘AR’ label. A garment labelled ‘FR’ will NOT be sufficient.

Flame retardant

What is flame resistant PPE?

Employees wearing FR clothes are protected from fire-related dangers such as embers, flames, and flash fires. Despite its name, fire resistant clothing is NOT fireproof. It can and will catch fire. But FR is made to self-extinguish, so once lit, it will not keep burning. This means that wearing FR clothes can lessen the severity of a user's burn damage. Fire retardant clothing also protects against clothes melting onto the skin and provides thermal insulation.

Electrical hazards

What is arc flash PPE?

Wearing arc flash and arc rated clothing is vital to protect against arc flash threats. Additional testing is necessary for arc flash and arc rated clothing - it's put through a series of arc flashes to see how much energy it can withstand before causing 2nd-degree burns on the wearer. Arc flash workwear has been developed to make it simpler for employers and customers to determine whether the apparel a person is wearing provides enough protection against arc flash.


Treated vs inherent FR

When choosing your FR clothing, it’s important to understand the difference between treated and inherent FR. Do you know?

FR Arc

Cal Arc Matrix Guide

Learn the best arc flash garment combinations to keep you safe.

Hi vis arc

Arc flash guide

FireBear’s layer concept means (when combined correctly) it’s possible to achieve EN 61482 Electric Arc Class 2, while maintaining comfort. Download our FireBear guide to arc flash PPE below.

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