Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do and central to how and what we supply.


We’re aiming for Net Zero by 2035

We’re on a mission to minimise our impact on the environment by creating practical solutions that don’t compromise safety. Our goal is to reach Net Zero on our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2035. Our partnership with sustainability consultancy firm Amber will help us achieve this, as well as establish a framework for our Scope 3 emissions to make changes that directly benefit our customers and partners with their own sustainability goals.

Our Journey

"We believe that innovation will continue to underpin and drive almost every aspect of future sustainability."

Charles Aris - CEO

Our sustainability news

Sustainability DNA 6

It's in our DNA

We have a dedicated team of sustainability champions working across all our divisions. Our champions are part of a sustainability committee that meets regularly committed to keeping the business on track to meet our Net Zero targets.


On the road. In the office

By working with Amber we are able to clearly identify where we can make actionable changes to reduce our carbon emissions. We are committed to reducing emissions before considering offsetting. Our first steps have been to make changes to our offices and the way we make deliveries.

  • Office 1
    LED lighting Across both the office and warehouse, we replaced all lighting with LED lighting, to maximise the energy we use.
  • EV4
    EV vehicles Local deliveries are made in our electric van whenever we can. For wider deliveries, our chosen parcel network is DPD, who commits to making their parcel delivery carbon neutral. We have also installed EV charging points at our office and distribution centre locations, and we have EVs and hybrids in our fleet.
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    Renewable energy We source all our electricity from renewable sources across all sites we operate and ensure our gas is carbon offset. Partnering with leading companies in renewable energy, we also support the sector and work with partners on innovative safety and PPE solutions for unique hazards.
  • Our Services
    Responsible packaging We are committed to using recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging from the UK with FSC accreditations.

A sustainable supply chain

We understand that more customers are looking for a supplier partner that thinks way beyond price points. Our values reach across the whole chain, as we use our decades of experience and knowledge to help manufacturers and partners enhance their sustainability.



We’re dedicated to finding alternative, greener materials. Our extensive workwear range now includes 100% recycled (made with post-consumer polyester or recycled bottles), biodegradable, reusable, and vegan products.



We’re continually scanning the horizon to find and create more sustainable ways of working. Such as CtrlFlow ECA, a super concentrated chemical that reduces single-use plastic bottles and developed an environmentally non-polluting disinfectant.



Our journey towards sustainability is just that – a journey. We are accredited to ISO14001:2015, which sets objectives and targets for our business, as well as helping to enhance our environmental performance.

Sustainable Workwear & PPE Guide

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Mythbusting sustainability

Director for Sustainability Gary Trudgett explains the real meaning behind the term 'sustainable workwear & PPE' by breaking through the common assumptions surrounding the topic.

Lady in protective clothing

Our sustainability solutions

We recognise that our actions as a supplier partner and how we support customers has a huge impact on sustainability. That's why we design our innovative services, products, and solutions around helping them reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  • Ctrl Cloud
    Product management CtrlCloud is one way we deliver value-adding services, with a smarter way to take control of your orders and manage stock, consignments, inventories, and more.
  • Ctrl Flow2
    Sustainable cleaning Electrochemical activation (ECA) technology is an environmentally sensitive way to clean, as well as a cost-effective and hygienic solution. CtrlFlow enables you to create the solution on demand.
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    Garment recycling Our ZeroWaste service can help you to account for every item and contribute towards your company’s environmental goals.

Sustainable cleaning

We're asking customers to join the sustainable cleaning revolution with water-saving technology and ocean-friendly on-demand cleaning solutions.

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