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Assert your unique brand with our range of professional custom personalised workwear, uniforms and PPE. We can create superior high-quality company clothing that prioritises comfort and value alongside employee safety.

We offer the complete design and application personalised workwear and PPE experience. With our fast production methods, in-house team, and investment in modern machinery, we also offer a five-day badge-to-order service on all branded clothing and PPE.

Know your custom PPE and workwear is in safe hands with a sustainable and award-winning supplier such as Tower Supplies. Their range of high-quality protective clothing is suitable for all industries - keeping you safe no matter what.

Tower’s branded protective clothing packages offer a more tailored approach to your company. Workwear embellished with your company logo makes uniforms more personal without compromising safety.

Importance of branded workwear and PPE

We understand the need for branded workwear and PPE, for both recognition and employee satisfaction

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Personalised work uniform & PPE for all industries

If you want to create a look from scratch, we can work with you to sketch designs and choose Pantone colours to match your personalised workwear accessories to your brand. We’ll even provide you with digital proofs and embroidery swatch samples.

Another popular option is to brand up our stock garments using your logo and company colours, to give them a unique look customised around your brand.

Whichever way you choose to approach your branded workwear, uniform, and PPE design, we will assess your options to ensure we have a market-ready solution for scalable bespoke manufacturing.

Tower's commitment to branded work clothing extends beyond mere functionality and into sustainability and brand elevation. With Tower, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand with personalised logos on high-quality garments, helping to boost your brand identity. Branded uniforms not only enhance professionalism but also create sense of pride among employees. Additionally, by opting for Tower's sustainable solutions, you're making a conscious choice to support environmentally responsible practices, a decision that reflects positively on your company's values and reputation.

How we customise your workwear

We’ve invested in the latest machine technology and employ highly trained in-house operatives. We can now offer you the choice of two fantastic branding techniques: embroidery and heat-seal.


Our teams can reproduce logos in over 400 different colours by stitching threads directly into the fabric. This method produces a high quality, professional finish in a variety of complex designs. Our fast production embroidery method means our embroidery team can produce 600 logos per operator in just a single day.


Also known as heat-press printing, this method takes the look of your uniform, workwear, and PPE to the next level. Instead of printing directly onto the garment, we take the logo and print it onto release paper before pressing it onto the clothing.

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Branded workwear is a powerful tool for protecting and representing brands across diverse industries and settings from marine and cruise to construction sites and power plants. In high-risk environments, where safety is paramount, the custom PPE not only protects workers but also communicates professionalism and brand identity whilst keeping the wearer easily identifiable.

Tower Supplies understands this crucial link between safety and branding, offering a range of high quality branded work clothing solutions tailored to meet industry standards and individual company needs.

With Tower, you can place your safety in our hands, knowing our products meet the specified quality and standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as being a member of BSIF. With our range of accreditations and memberships you can trust that your workforce is equipped with top-notch gear.

Partnering with quality PPE suppliers like Tower is essential for complete workplace safety, with the correct workwear having the potential to save lives when used thoughtfully. By investing in branded workwear and PPE from Tower, you're not just prioritising safety, you're making a statement about your brand's values and commitment to excellence.

Our next day delivery service

We can stock your ready-branded workwear, uniforms, and PPE at our warehouse, so it’s always ready to despatch. For orders received before 2pm, we offer same-day despatch and next day delivery.

Partnering with Tower Supplies means benefiting from the advantages of a single-source supplier, streamlining procurement processes while ensuring consistency and quality across your supply chain. With decades of experience, Tower is dedicated to being a supplier partner committed to enhancing workplace safety and sustainability.

Discover how Tower can tailor custom PPE solutions to meet your specific workplace needs. For more information on how we can support you, feel free to contact Tower or call 01202 718000 to speak with our knowledgeable team.

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