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More protection. Less layers.

The latest in EN 61482 Arc flash protection, FireBear's interlock fabric delivers a minimum 32 Cal* protection within the first two layers.

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Fire Bear
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Material Cal12

How to layer FireBear

Combining 12 Cal* base layers with 20 Cal* middle layers delivers incredible lightweight protection and comfort.

Material Cal20

Ultimate comfort & protection

Unlike other FR & arc fabrics that require up to 4 layers to reach the highest level of protection outside in harsh winter or summer conditions, FireBear's new design only requires the two layers underneath a wet weather coat or outer jacket to protect against high voltage risk.

FR Double Layer Man3
2 layers

Interlock fabric

We've chosen to use interlock fabric when designing our new FR & arc workwear. Also known as double knit fabric, it is manufactured using two rows of needles. This gives a stronger, firmer, and more durable feel to the clothing while maintaining comfort.

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FireBear is Tower's signature range of specialist anti-static, flame retardant and arc flash rated protective workwear. FireBear was developed with wearers over extensive trial periods to achieve record levels of user acceptance and satisfaction, whilst enduring the toughest working environments.

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FireBear has been developed alongside leading energy provider, SSE. We work closely with SSE to continually drive innovation and improve workplace safety. We believe that product development and innovation can only truly happen when suppliers act in partnership with customers and manufacturers.

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Tower is a leading provider of PPE & protective clothing, workwear & uniform, and safety equipment. With unrivalled knowledge, decades of experience, and a broad scope of accreditations, we continue to offer the best expert safety advice and solutions.

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