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FireBear FR & Arc flash protective clothing

A range of ultra lightweight, high-quality FR & Arc flash EN 61482 protective clothing and technical workwear exclusively available from Tower.

FireBear is designed in collaboration with energy provider SSE using extensive wearer trials in the toughest and most dangerous working environments. Using the results, we then develop accessories, materials, and features that guarantee to provide the highest level of comfort and safety. FireBear has record levels of user satisfaction, and our products go beyond the minimum EN safety standard to provide even more protection.

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Our new ultra lightweight range

Our latest garments are made using an innovative interlock fabric that provides more protection with less layers. The base layer and mid layer combined provides a minimum 32 Cal protection and includes shirts, long johns, hoodies, and a new sports utility jacket. Here are two examples of our base and mid layer garments:

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Screenshot 2024 04 03 092505


NEW 12 Cal FR / Class 1 Arc Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Navy Inherent FR Arc flash protective polo shirt designed to combine a corporate uniform image with optimum levels of comfort and safety. New higher protection (12 Cal), dropped back design, raglan sleeve for unrestricted movement, longer sleeves and cuff & pam loop on the chest.

EN 1149 / EN 11612 / EN ISO 61482

Order product code C21.FB259-NV


NEW 20 Cal FR / Class 1 Sweatshirt

Our best selling inherent FR Arc flash sweatshirt, providing optimum levels of protection, comfort and style. New higher protection (20 Cal), dropped back design, raglan sleeve for unrestricted movement, longer sleeves and knitted collar and cuffs that it a favourite with utility contractors/companies.

EN 1149 / EN 11612 / EN ISO 61482

Order product code C21.FB298-NV


For when the elements are at their worst, we have a range of FR / Class 2 Arc Wet Weather Jackets, Salopettes, Suits, and Trousers. Our products include new innovative features designed for comfort, including adjustable sleeves, pockets, loops, and openings. Here are two examples from our range:

Screenshot 2024 04 02 120114
Screenshot 2024 04 02 120244


CLASS 2 OPTION FR / Arc, Hi-Vis Yellow/Navy

Zip out liner, adjustable sleeve openings, elasticated waist with toggle adjustment, side pockets, pam loop, removable hood.

EN61482-1-2-2007, EN1149, EN14116, EN11612, EN20471, EN13034, EN343-3-3

Order product code C21.FB420-SYNV


FR / Antistatic Hi-Vis, Hi-Vis Orange/Navy

Zip out liner, adjustable sleeve openings, toggle adjustment, side pockets, pam loop, removable hood, external standard markings

EN1149, EN14116, EN11612, EN20471, EN13034, EN343-3-3

Order product code C21.FB430-OR

Women's Workwear

We are excited to introduce our new line of female fitted garments. All fully trialled, developed, and designed with your female workforce in mind. Our range covers everything from long sleeve polo shirts and dress shirts, to full boiler suits, salopettes and jackets. Here are two examples from our range:

Screenshot 2024 04 09 160037
Screenshot 2024 04 09 160755


FR / Class Arc Long Sleeve T-shirt, Navy/Yellow

Two-tone shirt with yellow reflective shoulder stripes and a high collar.

EN1149, EN14116, EN11612, EN20471, EN13034, EN343-3-3

Order product code C21.FB114F


FR / Class 1 Arc Long Sleeved Polo Shirt, Hi-Vis

Contrast colour ribbed collar for extended soiling protection, moisture management technology.

EN61482-1-2-2007, EN1149, EN14116, EN11612, EN20471

Order product code C21.FB249F-SY

Ultra-lightweight class 2 protection

FR and arc flash protective clothing has always been seen as hot, heavy, and cumbersome. That’s why 10 years ago we made it our primary assignment to create, continually evolve and develop a leading high-quality and lightweight FR & arc solution - FireBear. The original requirement was for wearers to be able to comfortably use FireBear in the summer, whilst being equally protected from risk.

We've been working with various utility providers & operators for more than 10 years to create FireBear, being actively involved in PPE development with the organisations. We’ve also built-up expertise and a high level of knowledge of the sector, requirements, and safety standards.

Ultimate comfort & protection

Unlike other FR & arc fabrics that require up to 4 layers to reach the highest level of protection outside in harsh winter or summer conditions, FireBear's new design only requires the two layers underneath a wet weather coat or outer jacket to protect against high voltage risk.

FR Double Layer Man3
2 layers

Interlock fabric

We've chosen to use interlock fabric when designing our new FR & arc workwear. Also known as double knit fabric, it is manufactured using two rows of needles. This gives a stronger, firmer, and more durable feel to the clothing while maintaining comfort.

FireBear's development journey

Made of the right stuff

When first developing FireBear we did an analysis of the material composition of products and made the decision to only work with inherently flame-retardant fabrics. The motivation for this was driven by the need to ensure that workers were adequately protected throughout the product’s life.

40 years of experience in the workwear industry meant we understood that by using natural bases for fabrics such as cotton & wool kept workers safe and performing and ensured better moisture management and temperature control.

Road map to perfection

For arc protection to meet and exceed the standards, we paid particular attention to accompanying standards such as hi vis and waterproof properties during development. A ‘road map to perfection’ was drawn up.

We continually improve our FireBear product range in terms of fit and durability, such as the use of products with segmented hi vis tape and stretch material. We are also currently working hard to achieve the challenges around lightweight hi vis orange RIS-3279 standard arc wear.

Innovative features

We used high cotton content non-treated fabrics to ensure additional durability and enhanced comfort. The use of features such as a raglan sleeve design underarm gussets, articulated knees, and drop back tops, all play a part in making FireBear the brand of choice.

Upon entry into the market, the main problem was weight, which FireBear solved by pioneering the use of layers to achieve high levels of protection. Another common issue with coveralls and boilersuits was full body movement and comfort, which we solved with underarms gussets.

Full garment certification

FireBear made a choice to fully certify complete garments, not just fabric. Full garment certification is essential to guarantee compliance. Our factories are subject to strict audit procedures, and we’re certified to both European and US & Canada arc standards.

Who should wear arc flash?

Flame retardant arc flash protective workwear provides protection for workers against burns from flames and electrical arc flash situations. This makes it a vital part of your PPE making it vital PPE for any worker carrying out tasks in a live electrical environment. These are the areas we recommend FireBear is used for.

Power and utilities

This includes electrical operations and maintenance of electrical equipment, power generation, storage, and distribution, power grid infrastructure operation and maintenance, and even standby emergency services & multi-role workers.

Industrial interior of soft drinks factory with tu 2023 11 27 05 15 23 utc

Industrial electrical

Anyone involved in large industrial operations that requires high levels of power should be wearing arc flash PPE at work. This often includes factories where there is a real danger of injury or fatality.


Construction may involve underground cables. Buried electrical services pose a risk of arc flash and can occur due to piercing a live cable or severely crushing a live cable and causing internal insulation to fail.

Construction of the stadium aerial view 2023 11 27 05 21 04 utc
Railway nature landscape orange sunset on the sky 2023 11 27 05 34 57 utc


Many areas of transport require arc flash PPE including rail track maintenance for electrified networks, EV charging and handling of damaged electric vehicles, and LNG and hybrid engine operation and maintenance on ships.


Telecommunications companies involved in network rollouts, installation, and maintenance. will require arc flash PPE. If workers do not have arc flash PPE, they simply cannot carry out their duties.

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As worn by SSE

Female PPE

Learn how we have worked with SSE and manufacturer partners to create a range of female PPE that caters directly for the needs of SSE’s growing female workforce.

Feature design

SSE Occupational Safety Advisors Heather Bishop and Ian Alexander join Bruce Woodfield to discuss the latest product developments for our range of FireBear FR & Arc flash PPE.

SSE Firebear

SSE FireBear Case Study

Developing innovative range of FR & ARC flash protective workwear with SSE.

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SSE Firebear

SSE FireBear Case Study

Developing innovative range of FR & ARC flash protective workwear with SSE.

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