Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

It’s your duty to keep your employees safe. From head protection to harnesses, Tower’s extensive range of safety equipment ensures you have everything you need to reduce risk in your workplace.


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Current workplace safety regulations stipulate employees must be appropriately protected when in their working environment, wherever that may be. Whatever the size of your team, whatever the location, and whatever the time, Tower’s best-in-class safety equipment enables you to prevent and protect.

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Protection near and in water

If your profession takes you onto large bodies of water, such as lakes, oceans and fast flowing rivers, it is advised that you protect yourself from the risk of immersion and drowning. We stock a wide range of life jackets, rescue lines and life buoys to assist with the retrieval of an overboard party and the prevention of hypothermia.

Handling liquids

For those who handle liquids, oils and chemicals and face the hazard of spills, it is preferable that the employer provides a spill management kit. All our equipment is designed for rapid deployment and easy application, preventing any further slip hazards or dermatological contact from an inefficiently cleaned and potentially dangerous surface.

  • Range of spill kits (in bins and cases)
  • Oil drum spill pallets
  • General and chemical absorbent stations
  • Plug ‘n’ Dike putty
  • PU reusable drain covers
  • Matting
  • Absorbent socks
  • Pervious booms
  • Absorbent granules
  • Liquid permeable sheets
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Road maintenance or public construction

Selecting the appropriate road maintenance or public construction clothing is pivotal for worker safety and comfort. Look for high-visibility garments compliant with safety regulations. Consider durability, weather resistance, and ergonomic design for prolonged use. Prioritise breathable fabrics and proper sizing to ensure ease of movement and protection on site.

All our road cones comply with the current legal requirements of 40% reflective sleeve coverage with 10% red cone shown beneath the sleeve and 25% above. This legislation, although specific, ensures that the cone provides the maximum level of visibility, keeping workers and delicate projects safe.

Find out more on how to choose the right construction clothing.

Fire safety

From offices to building sites, leisure centres to retail spaces, fire is a risk that can face anyone, anywhere, at any time – and legal compliance is essential. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for all workplace safety needs. This could mean ensuring you have the replacement batteries you need for lights or being safe in the knowledge that, in the event of a fire, your teams have the relevant extinguishing solution to hand.

  • Foam, water, powder and C02 extinguishers in a variety of sizes
  • Gas air horns
  • Fire blankets
  • Extinguisher storage solutions
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Flowmaster FABA

Developed by Tower Supplies in consultation with SGN, and now used by a number of gas DNOs and contractors, the Flowmaster Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus is ideal for confined spaces and other oxygen-poor or hazardous work environments.

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Fall arrest and protection

Fall protection is about far more than harnesses and fall arrest blocks. It’s a support system that reduces insurance premiums and ensures workers are in line with current regulations. It’s also about peace of mind and knowing that, should an accident occur, lives will be saved.


This is taking action to ensure that individuals are prepared for a fall and able to avoid the threat of serious injury, e.g. harnesses, complete kits, brackets and karabiners.

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Equipment deployed during the event of a fall to protect the individual as best as possible.

Post-fall support

Equipment necessary for the rescue and retrieval of fallen individuals, as well as the items necessary for maintaining or storing such equipment.

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