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It’s essential to source workwear & uniform that meet the specific needs of your business.


Our unrivalled range

The garments your employees wear deliver more than just brand identity. They enhance employee satisfaction, provide protection from hazards and defend against the elements. That's why our clothing range is developed to bring you greater comfort with improved protection at better value.

Our range includes base layers, corporate workwear, hi vis, protective clothing, specialist garments and industry specific products. Everything you need to ensure your employees are protected, comfortable and on brand.


Our suits, shirts, ties, and front-of-house clothing help you stay smart and professional for customers.


Create a consistent and professional look for roles such as security staff, health workers, and paramedics.


Our range of quality workwear includes garments designed for tough and rugged conditions.

Own brand Workwear


We have our own range of quality workwear, competitively priced and available in polo-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, fleeces, t-shirts, coveralls, and waterproof rainwear.

WorkBear is a simple concept, conceived through years of experience in work clothing, providing a core range of products that can be adapted to your exact requirements.

We use only high-quality, high-performance materials and combine them with our manufacturing expertise and stringent quality controls.


Design process

Our complete in-house design, print and embroidery solution.

Become a partner


We’ll talk to you about your logo and corporate image to ensure it will stand out on workwear. This will also be the stage where we talk about the choice of methods - embroidery or heat seal.


Brand logo

We aim for you to receive a logo in the best possible quality to set-up your logo as quickly as possible and encourage all new customers to consider this in anticipation of placing an order.

Looking for a product


Upon your approval of each logo, we then record this with a customer specific code in our system to aid repetitive and continuous ordering of consistently branded workwear.

Delivery Box


To provide the best delivery, we may need to keep stock of your logo, depending on how it will be applied and onto what products, We can discuss the options that best meet your expectations.



We are continually updating and improving our friendly service. And we promise to always try our hardest to deliver on time and aim to exceed your expectations.



We can include multiple images, logos, and text on garments to represent each department. This might cover things such as the person’s role, and their responsibilities within your company.

Sustainable Workwear Guide


ZeroWaste recycling

We consider the entire lifecycle of our garments. That's why we provide sustainable solutions like our ZeroWaste Textile Destruction & Recycling Service.

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Tailored Services
/ Stickers / Labels / Badges / Tax tabs

Smarter ordering

CtrlCloud is an ordering portal designed to give you more control. You can track spend, monitor which of your employees have been issued with uniform, and distribute garments in just a few clicks.

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Differences between workwear & PPE

We clarify the key differences between workwear and PPE to ensure you always stay safe.

More than a logo

We offer an expert design service, with in-house heat seal and embroidery. This gives your workforce a unique identity and corporate image, while making sure that the safety benefits of the garment are maintained.


Cruise ship uniform design

We explain the considerations that need to go into each design for a variety of job roles. Ensuring that employees have practical, functional, and safe uniforms that maintain a strong brand presence.

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Need to know your size?

Download our clothing measurement guide.

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