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It’s essential to source workwear & uniform that meet the specific needs of your business.

The importance of quality workwear

Quality workwear is paramount for ensuring safety, comfort, and professionalism in various industries. Durable, well-designed work attire not only enhances safety by incorporating high-visibility features and protective features but also ensures comfort during long shifts. Work uniforms also reflect professionalism, bolstering a company's image.

Tower Supplies offers a comprehensive range of workwear solutions, including custom options tailored to specific business needs whether that's marine, security, front of house, health workers, construction etc. Our product lineup covers a range of garments meaning you're covered no matter the situation. Whether it's suits, shirts and ties for corporate settings or garments such as protective trousers and jackets for those working in tough and rugged conditions.

Quality over quantity

Download our infographic to better understand the benefits to cost-reduction and employee-welling that choosing better quality workwear delivers.

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Quality over Quantity

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We have our own range of quality workwear, competitively priced and available in polo-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, fleeces, t-shirts, coveralls, and waterproof rainwear. WorkBear is a simple concept, conceived through years of experience in work clothing, providing a core range of products that can be adapted to your exact requirements.

We use only high-quality, high-performance materials and combine them with our manufacturing expertise and stringent quality controls. Tower is proud to be the sole distributor of the WorkBear range meaning we offer unrivalled, quality workwear that can't be found anywhere else.

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Types of workwear

Branded and custom workwear

Branded PPE, workwear, and uniforms are great ways to be easily recognised. They look professional, give your employees a sense of belonging, and add a layer of security and protection. Our highly trained operatives can add any logo to uniforms, workwear, and PPE, to create a unique look for your brand. Discover our branding solutions.

Sustainable workwear

Tower Supplies are passionate about sustainable working practices and we're aiming for Net Zero by 2035. We look for ways wherever possible to reduce, reuse, recycle and use eco-friendly materials in our workwear. Take a look at how we are working towards a sustainable future of workwear and uniforms.

We believe a good supply chain is a sustainable one so we seek to reduce waste and carbon emissions from our processes from the creation of products right through to secure and sustainable disposal.

Protective workwear

Tower Supplies are dedicated to keeping workers safe and well-equipped in demanding work environments. We stock a diverse range of protective workwear, catering to a variety of high-risk industries. Their expertise extends from flame-resistant (FR) and arc flash protective clothing to chemical personal protective equipment (PPE) and extreme protective gear. Specialised protective clothing and gear are crucial for ensuring worker safety in environments where fire hazards, electrical risks, or exposure to hazardous chemicals are prevalent. Explore the range of protective clothing we offer.

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Hi-vis workwear

High-visibility workwear, often referred to as hi-vis, plays a crucial role in enhancing safety across various working environments when visibility is limited due to factors such as low light or adverse weather. Hi-Vis work clothes help workers stand out from the background environment and ensure they are quickly seen from a distance and at all angles. Discover our Hi-Vis solutions helping your workers be seen.

Security uniform

Uniforms play a pivotal role in the world of security. From dedicated security guards to airport security personnel and beyond. Security uniforms serve as a symbol of authority and professionalism whilst ensuring safety and security. Security uniforms such as coats, jackets, shirts and Hi-Vis allow for quick identification, helping the public and colleagues easily recognise who to turn to in times of need. See how we can help your security team.

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Front of house uniform

Front of house staff are often your customers' first point of contact with your business. Their appearance and demeanour can profoundly influence customer perceptions and overall satisfaction. Our range of clothing for front of house personnel helps maintain a professional image for your brand, whilst also keeping your employees safe and comfortable. Whether it's aprons, polo shirts, belts or trousers, we have a range of products to fit your team's roles and needs.

Cruise ship crew uniform

Cruise ship employees are both the friendly face of the ship and the force behind the running of the vessel. Not only do they need to be professional and identifiable when customer-facing, but also protected from the elements and hazards associated with working aboard a cruise ship. We offer a range of products for all the different roles aboard your ship from hospitality and housekeeping staff to deckhands and officers. We support them all.

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Workwear solutions

Download the below infographic to discover four workwear solutions that cover you for every worker and every season.

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Workwear Solutions

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Smarter ordering

CtrlCloud is an ordering portal designed to give you more control. You can track spend, monitor which of your employees have been issued with uniform, and distribute garments in just a few clicks.

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Differences between workwear & PPE

We clarify the key differences between workwear and PPE to ensure you always stay safe.

Need to know your size?

Download our clothing measurement guide.

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