CtrlCloud is a revolutionary smart ordering platform designed to simplify the management of PPE, workwear, and uniforms, tailored to your business needs.

Tailored to your business needs, CtrlCloud (pronounced ‘control cloud’) offers enhanced efficiency, and complete control over ordering and usage, perfect for multi-site businesses with diverse safety requirements. CtrlCloud also helps businesses achieve up to a 20% cost-saving thanks to optimised resource allocation and streamlining of processes.

What CtrlCloud can do for your business


Manage and control

safety across your brand by keeping everything all in one place.

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Control your budget

and reduce costs by up to 20% in the process by being able to track inventory.

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Control usage

with simple product allocation that helps you see when and where products are being used.

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Use live reporting

for intelligence and analysis giving you better insights into your processes.

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Be more sustainable

by doing more with less.

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Enjoy more visibility

alongside better management by viewing everything in one system.

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One-stop shop

for ordering all your PPE, workwear, uniform and health and safety equipment.

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An online platform

that means ordering takes just a few clicks - keeping the process simple and easy.

Connected logistics and supply chain LR

“CtrlCloud has been a real breath of fresh air for Oyster Yachts. I now have complete control over my ordering, and it’s saved a lot of the everyday hassle. The platform also improves my main goal, which is getting uniform to the employee as quickly as possible! Even though I have experienced zero issues, Tower has always been brilliant in supporting me with any questions I might have and even provided an excellent training session to cover every aspect of using CtrlCloud.”

Lewis Wheeler, Fulfilment officer- MRO, Oyster Yachts.

A better way to order

Order fully customised products for your business needs

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    Standards As a BSIF supplier, we only offer pre-approved certified products. This ensures our safety equipment meets the appropriate standards, fully complies with PPE regulations, and is appropriately CE UKCA marked.
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    Branding Brand your uniform & workwear with a choice of colourways. Our highly trained operatives can add any logo to uniforms, workwear, and PPE, to create a unique look for your brand.
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    Customisation We help you build your tailored catalogue from the ground up, with practical features and a streamlined range of full-spec workwear, safety, and janitorial products. With CtrlCloud it's easy to get the right products to the right people, to the right place, and at the right time.
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    Approvals CtrlCloud makes it simple to ensure only the right products are available to the right wearers. This is crucial to reduce the risk of injury to workers and your liability as an allocator of PPE.
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    Custom Designed Take away the pain of managing PPE, workwear, and uniform. CtrlCloud provides complete control over ordering and usage, making it ideal for multi-site companies with a variety of roles and safety requirements.

How does CtrlCloud work?

CtrlCloud integrates four essential elements: navigation, allocation, business benefits, and reporting.


Seamlessly explore the user-friendly CtrlCloud platform, effortlessly navigating features like the activity matrix, job role attributes, job role categories, and new starter order forms.


Ensure safety management by allocating products to roles. Orders can be submitted for approval based on value, individual products, categories, or users.


Enhance business efficiency with CtrlCloud, potentially achieving cost savings of up to 20% by reducing the number of purchased products.


Utilise CtrlCloud's reporting functions to monitor employee product usage, staff spend, spend-per-site, and view recent approved and non-approved orders.

Setting you up in four simple steps

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We sit down with stakeholders to understand your processes and requirements, to customise CtrlCloud around you.

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Next, we build your catalogue with a user list, roles, delivery addresses, allocations, budgets and approvals.

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Training and demos are then provided for anyone that needs it, such as those with special admin privileges.

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Go live!

Final testing is completed, and login invitation emails are sent to users with links to FAQs for new users.

Connected logistics and supply chain LR

"CtrlCloud gives our buyers remote access to our online ordering platform where they can see a list of all the staff in the company and easily allocate set uniform quotas to each role. CtrlCloud will also help customers control buying behaviour and ensure a PPE standard across the company."

Mark Dowling, Divisional Managing Director - National Accounts

Making it easy for TFL

Discover how we implemented CtrlCloud for Transport for London to deliver cost reduction, product development, and transformation.

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