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Whether your workplace is on deck or dockside, you’re a ship operator or a boat builder, there can be no compromise when it comes to safety.


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We’re helping to protect people in port and at sea with best-in-class PPE, workwear and safety equipment. Tower is so much more than a supplier. Harnessing decades of experience, we consult on what and how you could be buying better to enhance safety in dangerous working environments.

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Tower have always provided for their marine and shipping customers by prioritising health, safety and wellbeing through a range of products and innovative and intelligent solutions.
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Sourcing the best

We have the expertise to source and supply the best safety products available – those that keep people safe and allow them to be their best.

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“After mobilisation, and within the first year, Tower set-up consignment stock for us. This has been great as it means we always have stock in the right place, we know exactly how much we have, what we’ve used. I would definitely recommend Tower”

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We're asking customers to join the sustainable cleaning revolution with our innovative CtrlFlow cleaning product. Once installed, CtrlFlow replaces up to 90% of synthetic chemicals used in cleaning.

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Going further for workplace safety

We are members of the International Marine Purchasing Association and the British Safety Industry Federation’s Registered Safety Supplier scheme. We can advise you on all the latest safety standards, recommend higher-quality products and support compliance through equipment fittings and training.

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There can be no compromises when it comes to safety.

Technical Safety in Marine

Discover the latest innovation in the field of technical safety for the marine industry.

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On-time and in-full

The maritime industry is the beating heart of global trade, so we know how important it is to deliver products on-time and in-full. Our fast and efficient service means we’re able to offer next day delivery from multiple UK and global depots

5 big marine innovations

We look at five of the biggest innovations that are steering the marine industry in new exciting directions.

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PPE for working on cargo ships

Do you know what the most effective forms of PPE for the marine industry are? We cover everything from protective clothing to welding helmets.

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We’re proud to say we have achieved on-time-in-full delivery of 99.5% of over 2,000 product lines supplied to customers’ vessels worldwide. We also implement stock management solutions to provide customers and their staff with immediate 24/7, 365 access to products.

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Supporting the next generation of seafarers

Do you know the five key ways we help essential workers and crew in the marine industry from their first steps as a young cadet through to top positions?

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