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When it comes to workplace safety, Hi Vis could be the most important purchase you make.

The importance of Hi-Vis Workwear

High-visibility workwear, often referred to as hi-vis workwear, plays a crucial role in enhancing safety across various working environments such as industrial, warehouses, security and construction. These garments are designed to increase visibility and awareness, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in workplaces where low light, adverse weather conditions, or heavy machinery are common factors. Hi-Vis work clothes help workers stand out from the background environment and ensure they are quickly seen from a distance and at all angles.

As your single-source personal protective equipment supplier, Tower Supplies offers a comprehensive range of hi-vis and protective clothing, including different colours and custom workwear options to cater to specific industry needs. Their product line-up includes garments like hi-vis jackets, trousers, overalls, vests, and body warmers. All are available in various sizes and styles for both male and female, ensuring a tailored fit for different job roles and personal preferences.

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Types of Hi-Vis Workwear

Coloured Hi-Vis Workwear

When it comes to Hi-Vis clothing, colour is more than just what looks good, it enhances the safety of the wearer. EN ISO 20471 is the standard for Hi-Vis clothing and permits just three main colours for the background of Hi-Vis workwear: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange and in some cases fluorescent red.

Hi-Vis clothing contains special pigments which are brighter than normal colours and reflect invisible violet light as bright, visible light.

Whilst most workplaces opt for the traditional yellow option, in some industries such as rail, they opt for orange, to stand out against the countryside as well as the colours used for train signalling.

Tower Supplies understands that different colour Hi-Vis are necessary for different standards, which is why we stock them all - giving you the choice. Find out which colour Hi-Vis is right for your workers.

Mens and Women's Hi-Vis Workwear

PPE and Hi-Vis clothing is designed for safety, but if it does not fit the wearer correctly, it can hinder this protection.

It is probably no surprise that a lot of PPE is designed to fit a male figure and even when downsized or as a unisex version, it does not fit a female in the correct way and provide the same protection. Women tend to have narrower feet, different chest sizes and shapes and different waist ratios, as well as different length sleeves. Not to mention the lack of variation for pregnancy and hijab and burka-friendly workwear.

Tower Supplies is dedicated to protecting all workers, which means those of all genders. That's why we believe there should be no excuse not to provide female-fit PPE. All workers should have access to workwear that fits them properly and comfortably, providing full protection.

Discover more about our female-fit PPE solutions.

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Waterproof Hi-Vis Workwear

Waterproof hi-vis workwear is an essential investment for outdoor workers who frequently face challenging weather conditions. These garments not only amplify visibility in low light or adverse weather, thanks to their bright colours and reflective elements but also provide crucial protection from the elements.

Whether it's heavy rain, snow, or sleet, these specially designed workwear items are engineered to keep workers dry and comfortable. This dual benefit not only reduces the risk of accidents caused by poor visibility but also minimises the potential for cold-related illnesses or discomfort, ensuring that employees can focus on their tasks without worrying about the elements.

Custom Hi-Vis Workwear

Tower Supplies excels in delivering customised workwear solutions to businesses, including personalised high-visibility clothing. With a keen understanding of the diverse requirements of industries, Tower Supplies offers tailor-made workwear that enhances safety while promoting brand identity.

Using Tower Supplies, businesses can create custom hi-vis clothing by incorporating logos and adding branding elements. By personalising high-visibility workwear, companies can ensure their workforce remains safe and visible while reinforcing a professional and cohesive image for their brand.

You can easily order and customise workwear through our CtrlCloud system.

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As a one-solution supplier of protective clothing, PPE, and workwear, helping you understand Hi Vis is a key part of helping you stay safe in the workplace. Whether an employer or an employee, everybody has a responsibility to understand why and how Hi Vis is chosen, worn, and looked after.

Hi-Vis Workwear FAQs

What is the definition of Hi-Vis?

High-visibility clothing, legally classified by standards like EN ISO 20471, is designed to enhance worker visibility in low-light conditions. The standard specifies fluorescent colours (yellow, orange, red), retroreflective materials, garment design, and categorises garments into three classes based on visibility levels. Compliance with these standards is often a legal requirement in industries like construction and transportation, ensuring worker safety by making them easily visible, especially in adverse conditions. The standard still applies even if you are working in areas with poor visibility for just part of a day.

What are the different classes of Hi-Vis?

There are three different classes of Hi-Vis workwear, categorised by the amount of reflective material and high contract Hi-Vis material making up the garment.

Class 1: suitable for working in low-risk, low-impact areas and offers the lowest level of visibility.

Class 2: Most commonly sleeveless vest. This is suitable on roads where there are speeds of less than 40mph. Most suitable for working near heavier traffic in low visibility areas.

Class 3: This is the highest level and is reserved for those who work close to high-traffic areas where the speed may be close to or exceed 50mph.

Find out more about each class of Hi-Vis clothing.

When is Hi-Vis clothing required?

High-visibility clothing is typically required in workplaces and specific industries where visibility is critical for safety. This includes jobs in construction, roadwork, manufacturing, and transportation, particularly when working in low-light conditions, near moving vehicles or in adverse weather conditions. There are many factors that determine when to wear Hi-Vis clothing including the task being performed, the location and most importantly the surrounding working environment. Requirements vary but Hi-Vis attire is generally mandated to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure worker safety.

Can Hi-Vis uniform be washed?

When it comes to cleaning Hi-Vis garments, it is important to carefully read any instructions or care labels on washing and drying to ensure the garment isn't damaged in the process. Not laundering Hi-Vis PPE correctly may affect protective qualities such as flame resistance and arc flash protection. If possible, try to reduce the number of routine washes and instead wipe and dust Hi-Vis uniform regularly to keep it clean.

Storage is also important to maintain the protective qualities of the item. Keep it in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place where it can be easily accessed and not exposed to any damaging conditions.

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