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Our approach

We offer a supplier partnership that looks beyond price point to deliver long term value-add benefits that improve safety, efficiency, and cost-in-use.

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How we deliver true value

Empowering you with the tools to control employee safety, cost-in-use, and product sourcing, is the key to ensuring Tower partnerships deliver true value and benefits to the organisations we work with.

That’s why we provide intelligent solutions including CtrlCloud, our innovative online ordering platform, and HELM, our premium consultancy service. The benefits gained from adopting these can be substantial, especially for larger multi-site organisations.

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CtrlCloud helps you improve safety

You can’t buy our products directly from this website. And there’s a reason. We believe that doing so opens companies up to the risk of an employee buying and using a product (such as PPE and safety equipment) without first ensuring it is the most fit-for-purpose and suitable product for their role.

Most suppliers use an ecommerce platform to sell products. Instead, we work with you to understand your precise product requirements and safety needs before supplying. If suitable, we then set you up with a tailored CtrlCloud online ordering platform, which gives you complete control over product ordering, distribution, safety, and usage.

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Having complete control has been a breakthrough for many of our customers, from P&O Ferries in the marine sector, to the RAC in the automotive industry. Each sector we operate in has its own set of risks that need catering for, such as SSE and SGN who work with the danger of high voltage.

As well as saving the everyday stress of ordering, CtrlCloud achieves a vital goal: getting the right products to the right people. CtrlCloud is especially suitable for multi-site companies with a variety of roles and safety requirements, or with employees located all around the UK and beyond.

When an employee logs in they can only order PPE approved for their role, an effective way to control safety. We also build each customer’s CtrlCloud from the ground up, making sure every platform has practical features and a streamlined range of PPE and safety equipment.

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Whether you work in health & safety, purchasing, facilities, HR, or procurement, CtrlCloud delivers complete oversight of buying activity, to help you manage your budget and experience cost savings of up to 20%.

Request a CtrlCloud demo

Our experts will be happy to talk you through all the benefits and demonstrate the features. Either online or in person.

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HELM helps you increase efficiency

What also sets our partnerships apart from other suppliers is our ability to look beyond price point to focus on longer term benefits. These include helping businesses improve their cost-in-use, product selection, efficiency of processes, and support the implementation of key control measures.

We call this consultancy approach HELM, which first began life as a method to improve the efficiency of cruise companies. Once it became a proven approach, we started using it as our way to help other customers become more efficient and choose the right products that would improve cost-in-use.

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Measure + Understand x Control = Improve

The success of the HELM approach is based on this deceptively simple formula. The architect behind HELM is Chairman Daniel Aris, who uses HELM to deliver substantial benefits to cruise clients. Daniel explains the process as: “Without measurement, there is no understanding. Without understanding, there is no control. Without control, there is no way to improve.”

Like our intelligent CtrlCloud ordering system, HELM empowers customers. It gives you the tools to measure and understand, to take control and continuously improve. We work with businesses to create a plan that includes strategic gates of discovery, planning, implementation, and review.

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