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The proven premium partnership experience designed to increase efficiency and improve cost-in-use. As used by leading global organisations.


Any supplier can deliver products. But only a trusted partner with decades of experience and understanding can help you manage your product assets and regain control. For organisations with complex and substantial buying requirements, HELM is a proven process that delivers unrivalled buying and usage oversight.

HELM explained

What is HELM?

A combination of consultancy, product supply, training and software, HELM enables global businesses to predict spend, gain clarity, design products that meet their specific needs, and experience greater efficiency.

We first developed the HELM process within the cruise industry, but it’s now transforming the efficiency of industries around the world, including power, facilities management, automotive, and national government.

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Our clients

Who can benefit from HELM?

HELM was developed to help national and multi-national organisations. HELM improves the understanding of operations and helps them take control by providing the tools and insight to become more efficient.

HELM has the biggest impact on organisations that have hundreds of staff working in different locations. These staff carry out a variety of roles and tasks, requiring uniform, workwear, PPE and equipment.

As a trusted expert supplier and manufacturer of health and safety products, we have also designed HELM to improve general health, safety and hygiene in large multi-site organisations.

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HELM experience

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HELM's winning formula

The success of the HELM approach is based on a deceptively simple formula:

Measure + Understand x Control = Improve

The architect behind HELM, Chairman Daniel Aris, explains the process: “Without measurement, there is no understanding. Without understanding, there is no control. Without control, there is no way to improve.”

Cruise case studies

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Making Waves

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Luxury Cruise Ship Deck at Sunset

Power case studies

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SSE case study

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Power and Utilites
Pylon Med

SSEN HELM Case Study

Ensuring a reliable supply of PPE for SSEN throughout the pandemic.

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SSEN HELM Case Study

Ensuring a reliable supply of PPE for SSEN throughout the pandemic.

on-site support

Be facility smart with HELM

Could your choice of PPE reduce fatigue? Could uniform supply issues be affecting staff wellbeing and satisfaction? Could more effective products or methods reduce your overall cleaning costs? We’re helping businesses to anticipate and tackle specific challenges within their workplaces.

From health and safety to cost reduction and standardisation, we can help you become facility smart. Through HELM, you’ll have tools you need to measure and understand, the systems and processes you need to take control, and the data you need to continuously improve.

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be more efficient

Benefit from continuous improvement

Instead of focussing on short term achievements, HELM is an ongoing process of continuous improvement. This includes better management, sourcing, and usage of consumables. HELM can reduce single-use plastics, synthetic chemicals, general waste, and unnecessary costs.

As well as products, we also look at improving the safety and performance of your most valuable assets: your staff. We have the products and solutions that help them become much more efficient, better equipped, and able to perform their duties in the best way possible.

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The HELM process

Our unique HELM process is built on four key stages: Discovery, Planning, Implementation, and Review and Continuous Improvement. Find out more below.

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HELM Process

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HELM brochure

Discover how HELM is an intelligence solution that drives performance, improves efficiency and cost, and delivers even more value for your customers.

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