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PPE supplies could be the most important purchase you make, so it’s essential that you work with a PPE supplier that prioritises safety and quality above all else.


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There can be no compromises when it comes to protection and safety at work. Finding the right types of PPE is paramount, as is working with a trusted PPE supplier. At Tower, we offer a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to suit you no matter what industry you work in.

All of our PPE products are meticulously designed to meet safety standards and enhance your workplace safety with protective equipment options tailored to your specific work environments. With our extensive knowledge, we share expert advice from how to care for your PPE to the importance of partnering with a trusted PPE supplier.

We help you to mitigate the risk of some of the most dangerous workplaces on Earth. We also go beyond safety, providing branded options for your PPE apparel that radiates professionalism whilst keeping your workers protected no matter what. Ensure all your PPE needs are covered with an accredited and single source, full-service supplier. Find out why working with Tower as your PPE supplier is the sensible choice.

Feel free to get in touch with our team for any queries regarding your PPE provisions you might have.

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Our categories of PPE

  • FR Arc4
    Protective Clothing Explore our PPE apparel range, including base layers, high visibility, specialist garments, and industry-specific products. We stock various sizes and colours of protective clothing, featuring major brands, our signature collections, and female-tailored workwear.
  • Clothing
    Hi Vis Clothing Tower Supplies offers a comprehensive range of hi-vis and protective clothing, including different colours and custom workwear options to cater to specific industry needs. Our PPE catalogue includes garments like hi-vis jackets, trousers, overalls, vests, and body warmers.
  • Man climbing ladder in hi vis
    Head Protection Tower specialises in providing a range of head protection PPE. This includes industrial safety helmets designed for construction, marine and manufacturing facilities, climbing helmets for professionals working at heights or in challenging environments, and bump caps for situations where head protection from minor impacts is needed, such as warehouse settings.
  • Eye Protection
    Eye Protection Tower Supplies PPE catalogue includes a range of eye protection equipment, including safety glasses, safety goggles, and face shield protection. Tower's diverse selection of eye protection ensures that workers are equipped to mitigate risks and stay safe across various industrial environments.
  • Footwear
    Foot Protection We help you select footwear from our extensive PPE apparel range that protects from falling objects, whilst providing uncompromising style, comfort and orthopaedic support. We can even conduct sizing clinics to make sure your employees get the right fit.
  • Hearing
    Ear Protection Although noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and irreversible, it’s also very preventable. We can arrange an on-site noise survey, to help you measure the risks and then provide you with the right types of protective equipment whether that's earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Bls edit
    Respiratory Protection Whether it's filtering devices or breathing apparatus can support you in providing the right protective equipment for your team. Respiratory PPE solutions are designed to avoid potentially harmful particles in the air, protect against types of airborne contaminants as well as provide oxygen to the wearer.
  • Green Glove Hand Protection
    Hand Protection Our hands are one of the most important tools in the workplace. But they’re also one of the most vulnerable to injury. Accidents at work that cause hand and finger injuries account for more than 25% of all accidents. We’ll help you find the most suitable hand PPE to keep them safe.

Safety in 60 Seconds

Watch our series of guidance videos to help ensure you know how to check your PPE.


Every workplace is different and not every employee will need the same types of PPE. We're on hand to support you in meeting the health and safety requirements specific to your business.


With decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of all the relevant safety standards, we can support you in understanding, assessing, and mitigating risk through correct PPE solutions.


Our PPE catalogue includes head, eye, ear, respiratory, hand and foot protection. We also supply protective apparel and clothing for hazards such as poor visibility and electric arc flashes.

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Man climbing ladder in hi vis

Sustainable Workwear & PPE Guide

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Do you know how to handle hazards?

Download your free Hierarchy of Controls poster to display in your workplace to remind everyone why PPE is the last line of defence.

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Hierarchy of Controls

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Female PPE Guide

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PPE categories explained

We provide everything you need to know about the three categories of PPE and what this means for manufacturing, design, and regulation.

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Choosing the right PPE

We can help you choose the right PPE for the task at hand and navigate the equipment you need for a safe and comfortable workplace.

When should PPE be replaced?

Having PPE which is up to standard is essential for employee safety - but when should PPE be replaced? We look in more detail here

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Say hello to sustainable PPE

Divisional Managing Director for National Accounts Mark Dowling gets dressed up in a “head-to-toe” sustainable PPE workwear solution.

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