We’re continually striving to be the best and most trusted partner for customers and suppliers.

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A trusted partner

We work with customers, manufacturers, brands, and designers to provide unrivalled value, expertise, products, and services. Our partnerships extend across the supply chain, with relationships that keep us agile, develop solutions, and maintain our place as a trusted partner.

Customer partnerships

We’re more than a supplier partner, adding value through experience, sustainability, innovation, and unrivalled services. We believe there is no problem we cannot tackle, or solution we cannot find, by working together. Customers trust in our ability to understand their business and provide solutions for any work environment or set of requirements. As well as a product supplier and manufacturer, we're also a trusted expert at your side to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Supplier partnerships

Our supplier partnerships are built on communication and working together towards goals. As well as supplying products, we also visit customer sites with manufacturers to help make improvements in safety, hygiene, comfort, and cost-in-use. We’re hooked on solutions, using innovation as the main driver of progress. We work with supply chain partners to solve problems and develop solutions. We’re also dedicated to sustainability, helping customers, brands, and manufacturers along the road to net zero.

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