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Our Journey

Discover how Tower has been making the workplace a better place since 1983.


Jonathan Aris launches Tower Supplies. The company’s first HQ is a small garage on Tower Road in Bournemouth.


Tower introduces its ‘Bear’ brand of durable wearable products – the first of which is ‘Bear Gear’. Today, we have ‘Bear’ products in a number of PPE categories.


We start our relationship with one of the world’s largest cruise lines, Carnival.


Tower is certified to ISO 9001, the quality standard.


We work with Carnival UK and Go-Jo to develop a new hand sanitisation regimen. This includes developing a completely new product, testing and certification. It is adopted by Carnival globally.


We launch ‘Fire Bear’, our signature brand of flame retardant and arc protective clothing designed specifically to meet EN61482 (the electric arc protection standard).


Tower becomes the PPE uniform supplier to the AA.  


Tower is certified to ISO 14001, the environmental standard.


Tower becomes a supplier for the Government’s framework for PPE.


We move into our 75,000sq-foot distribution centre in Holton Heath. This gives us the capacity for tens of thousands of barcoded product locations and an in-house logo application facility.


Our innovative electronic ordering portal, CTRL Cloud, gives our customers greater purchasing power – ensuring they get the right product, at the right price, at the right time.


Tower becomes a member of the British Safety Industry Federation and its Registered Safety Supplier scheme. An obligation of this scheme is the annual product audit testing conducted by a UKAS approved testing laboratory.


Tower becomes a qualified supplier to Achilles UVDB.


Tower joins the BTTG – the globally recognised test house for PPE and clothing.


Tower is certified to ISO 45001, the occupational health and safety management system standard.


Tower joins the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Tower becomes a Diamond Executive Partner of the CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) Hotel Operations, Food and Beverage community.


P&O Ferries start using Tower for PPE, uniform and goods-not-for-resale.  


Charles Aris becomes Chief Executive Officer.


The pandemic hits and Tower supports the cruise industry by working with Public Health and Hotel Teams to produce the ‘return to service’ protocols for safe travel. We also secure large stocks of PPE, ensuring no stock-outs.


We develop and trial ECA hypochlorous acid, a product that is very effective against COVID 19 and Norovirus and is a much safer alternative to other disinfectant products. We install generators on Cunard and P&O fleets.

What’s next for Tower?

Our mission to make the workplace a better place continues. The world is becoming more environmentally aware, and the safe, secure, and sustainable disposal of PPE and workwear is critical. The incorporation of wellbeing within health and safety is becoming increasingly important, while wearable technology and the internet-of-things will revolutionise how we monitor consumables and replenish products.

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