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What are the most effective forms of PPE for the power industry?

Looking at some of the most important types of PPE for those working in the power industry.

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Those working in the power industry face unique work hazards which need specific protective equipment. We understand that your workforce needs to be safeguarded from a diverse range of on-site safety hazards. You can trust Tower to deliver expert advice as well as PPE.

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How to build the most effective forms of protection

The main risks of working with electricity are electric shock and burns from contact with live parts. Other risks include injury from exposure to arcing or fire from faulty equipment. That's why it’s necessary for the PPE used by employees in the power industry to cover a wide range of safety measures.

To build the best forms of protection, ensure that all PPE and safety equipment is rated and tested to protect against arc flash and is fire retardant. Conducting a risk assessment will help you determine what head-to-toe equipment employees might need.

Layering for arc flash is a useful way to build effective protection for the wearer. By layering arc flash PPE, the wearer will be both comfortable and meet the protective compliance requirements. If you are unsure about layering your arc flash equipment, speak to one of our subject matter experts for advice on building the most effective PPE sets.

Different types of PPE in the power industry

Foot protection

Hand protection

Safety glasses

Safety footwear is essential when working at elevation, outdoors or on uneven surfaces. Foot protection for the power industry needs to protect the wearer against electrical discharge as well as provide standard foot protection. Always ensure that safety boots are non-conductive before working with electricity.

Using the correct hand protection could save your employees from life-changing injuries caused by handling live wires. Ensure safety gloves protect hands from electrical discharge and that gloves are appropriate for the class of voltage being directly handled.

Arc flash helmets and visors protect the head and face against the thermal effects of arc flash. Hoods, helmets, and visors are the last lines of defence when working with electricity and need to provide appropriate protection. Arc flash head protection should be effective and comfortable to wear without compromising the ability to work productively.

Arc flash protective clothing

Arc flash protective clothing is designed to protect the wearer from injuries caused by an arc flash. An arc flash is an explosion because of an electrical short circuit. They can cause loss of hearing, loss of sight and severe burns.

It is the employer’s responsibility to assess the risk of arc flash and provide their workers with the correct classification of PPE. We understand the need to find the right PPE for the job and have the expertise to advise you on what protection your employees need. FireBear is our own range of flame retardant and arc flash-rated protective workwear.

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Working with renewables

Safety within the renewable energy industry is important and requires everyone's cooperation. Full training and guidelines for PPE maintenance should be required. Followed by regular inspection and training on how to correctly use PPE.

The risks workers in the renewables sectors face include machinery misuse, falls from height, electric currents and being stuck in confined spaces.

All workers should know when to wear respirators, hard hats, hearing protection, arc flash and FR protection. It’s important that each person understand the protocols which call for different protective equipment.

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