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What are the most effective forms of PPE for the waste management industry?

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Foot protection

The main activities in the waste disposal industry are sorting waste and glass recycling. If you are at risk of slipping or having your toes crushed, safety footwear should be provided that is both slip-resistant and cut-resistant. Safety footwear must have lateral cut resistance as well as puncture resistance to protect against shards of glass.

Hand protection

Gloves for the waste disposal industry need to protect against hazards associated with sorting waste and recycling. They need to be tactile and offer light water, oil and grease protection, as well as grip for tool handling.

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Head protection

Bump caps are the ideal head protection when a worker may incur bumps or knocks from a stationary object. Hard hats are suitable to protect against falling objects or moving objects and may not be suitable for those working in waste disposal.

Hearing protection

If you are working in a recycling facility, you will often be exposed to loud working machinery crushing glass or crushing metal. To prevent serious harm to your ears, you should be wearing hearing protection. The most suitable items for this industry would either be earbuds or protective earmuffs. To ensure your employees are safe, conduct a risk assessment to determine the right ear protection for your site.

Eye Protection

In the waste disposal industry, PPE is essential to protect workers from various hazards such as chemical splashes, flying debris, and microbial contaminants. One critical item of PPE for people working in this industry is eye protection. Eye injuries are common in the waste industry, and they can lead to visual impairment or even blindness. Appropriate eye protection equipment such as safety glasses or goggles should be worn while performing tasks that pose risks to the eyes.

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Waterproof clothing

Waterproof clothing for the waste disposal industry is an absolute necessity to ensure proper protection from hazardous substances. This type of clothing serves as a barrier against harmful materials, avoiding exposure and contamination, which can lead to serious health conditions. When selecting waterproof clothing durability and resistance to tears and punctures are essential and key to keeping workers safe.

Protective clothing

This type of clothing can include garments such as coveralls, gloves, boots, and respirators that protect workers from exposure to harmful chemicals, biohazards, and physical hazards. These dangers can include asbestos fibres from demolition work or hazardous materials found in medical waste.

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