Three big reasons I’m looking forward to IMPA London 2022

Simon Beaumont
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Divisional Managing Director for Marine Simon Beaumont gives the three reasons he’s excited about attending IMPA London this year.

IMPA London is the premier maritime event in the industry dedicated solely to the supply chain. This makes it a vital occasion for Tower as we look to continue growing within the marine industry and remain a trusted expert voice for those that prioritise safety, innovation, and sustainability. But this year’s event is a special one for me and the team as we look to showcase our innovations, ideas, and leading solutions. So, here’s my three reasons I am looking forward to IMPA London 2022.

Reason 1 - Partnerships

One of the most important things about an event like IMPA is the networking. Getting Tower’s message out there and starting conversations is a vital part of my role. Engaging with industry specialists and making connections help us work in conjunction with key partners to keep our customers safe at work, performing at their best, and taking advantage of the latest innovations.

As well as existing customers, I am looking forward to talking to buyers around the shipping industry about how our services and solutions can help them. Our consultation service for example is an important way for us to deliver immediate value to customers. We look at how and what they’re buying, using rationalisation, consolidation, and standardisation to transform their PPE & workwear.

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Reason 2 - Innovation

Innovation is a key driver of progress in marine. I believe innovation will be a big discussion point at IMPA and I’m excited to see what’s on the horizon. I will make sure to spend time at IMPA’s Tech Walk, which promises a physical tour of the latest technology in the shipping industry.

IMPA is also a great place to launch and showcase products. We will be demonstrating our innovative CtrlFlow system, which produces a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the thousands of synthetic products used in cleaning that can be released into the ocean.

I am excited to get a chance to show off such a disruptive and ground-breaking product to plenty of attendees at IMPA. Not only has CtrlFlow been shortlisted for several awards and been a SeaTrade award finalist, but it also supports IMPA’s Save Initiatives on reducing chemicals and plastics.

Reason 3 - Sustainability

There is no surprise that sustainability will be the main theme at this year’s IMPA London. It’s another reason I’m excited to show people our CtrlFlow ECA system. Sustainability is at the heart of Tower’s values, because we believe that a good supply chain is a sustainable supply chain.

As well as the Tech Walk for innovation, IMPA London will have The Green Zone. This is a new and exciting area for companies wanting to showcase their green products and innovative services to the buying audience. So, I will be interested to see what innovations will be impacting the supply chain over the next couple of years to make all of us build towards a truly sustainable future.

I think one of the hottest topics right now will be the recent green boost given to the industry as part of a major COP27 pledge. The UK will now join forces with the US, Norway, and the Netherlands, to roll out end-to-end decarbonised shipping routes. This reflects the wider mission to accelerate global efforts to fight the climate crisis. I cannot wait to hear what everyone has to say about this!

If you want to find out more about how we can transform your PPE, workwear, uniform, and safety equipment buying, then please get in touch.

Simon Beaumont
Simon Beaumont
Divisional Managing Director - National Accounts

With over 20 years experience driving “best-in-class” operating standards and solutions, Simon works in partnership with customers as a trusted advisor and sustainable expert supplier.

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