3 things I learned at Seatrade Cruise Global 2023

Daniel Aris
Cruise at port
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As Senior Partner and Chairman at Tower I attended Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 in Florida to learn what’s new in cruise. I have chosen three big points of discussion that I felt had a big impact at the event.

Seatrade Cruise Global is the biggest cruise event on the planet. And this year’s event at Fort Lauderdale in Florida was unsurprisingly full to the brim of topics to be discussed and ideas to be shared. But what makes Seatrade Cruise Global so important for Tower, is how it shapes our plans and allows us to put even more of a focus on the areas that help our customers the most.

1. Global and localised supply solutions are needed

We’re the chosen supplier to some of the world’s largest cruise ship companies because we deliver the right products, to the right place, at the right time. More importantly, we have proven expertise in servicing and supplying on a global scale from multiple UK and European depots.

It was important to hear that cruise values supply partners with global capability but also the local distribution solutions and local supply, to service the main ports where cruise ships call more efficiently. This prevents the additional transportation of supplies to other ports, which in turn helps cruise ship companies reduce their carbon footprint.

To help even further, we’re expanding our distribution capabilities around the world. We now have plans for hubs on both the east and west coast of the United States, as well as additional hub locations around Asia-Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.


2. The use of shore power is growing fast

If you haven’t noticed yet, sustainability is no longer the future. It’s right now. The attendees were therefore discussing the subject throughout large parts of the event. We’ve been developing solutions for years that can help cruise reduce cruise's carbon footprint, which includes one of its biggest impacts: fuel consumption.

It was discussed at the event how cruise can greatly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions through using more shore power when in port. A growing number of ports worldwide are now allowing visiting cruise ships to plug into shore-based power sources for electricity. This means that the massive cruise ships no longer need to be sitting idled on their onboard power. Instead, they can shut down their engines and use local power grids.

Cruise at port

3. Synthetic chemicals need to be reduced

Our CtrlFlow water-based cleaning and sanitising product replaces up to 90% of synthetic chemicals used onboard cruise ships and is one of our leading sustainable cleaning solutions. Used by Carnival UK, among others, it provides countless benefits to customers that use it.

It was therefore great to hear that other cruise companies are currently looking for sustainable alternatives to synthetic chemicals to reduce the reliance on them for cleaning and disinfecting onboard vessels. This can only help the industry move closer to a fully sustainable future and help protect the marine environment.

Cleaning products

We’re a Tier-1 CLIA Diamond Executive Member in the Hotel Ops, Food & Beverage community. Our goal is to make cruise the safest and best holiday option for everyone now and the future.

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Daniel Aris
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