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The standard for gloves is changing. Find out what the change to EN388 and the new glove markings mean.

A new version of the glove standard EN388: Protection Against Mechanical Risks has been published, superseding EN388:2003.This only affects new product certification and will not apply retrospectively.

Gloves may continue to be sold under both versions of the standard until 2023, when, under the new PPE Regulation, their certification will need to be renewed and that will have to be to the latest version of the standard, but glove markings will change, and this guidance aims to explain why, and what to look for.

The new revision contains significant changes in the following areas:

  • Cut Resistance
  • Impact Protection
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Markings Changes
  • The BSI has co-produced a guidance, the first of its kind between BSI and BSIF.

To keep abreast of this new version of the standard and hear about the transition from PPE Directive to Regulation, just look out for regular posts and emails from Tower.

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