Discover the difference between treated FR and inherent FR

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When working around risks such as arc flashes, hot metals, and radiant heat, you will need to protect yourself with flame retardant (FR) and arc protection PPE.

But when choosing your FR clothing, it’s important to understand the difference between treated and inherent FR. And we’re here to help with a handy infographic guide on what you need to know.


Which PPE should you choose?

This can greatly vary by industry and user and there is no simple answer to this question. The guide above lets you know the pros and cons between inherent and treated FR, but we believe it’s vital you get expert advice from an accredited supplier if you want to be sure you’re staying safe.

We can provide you with the right advice. You can contact us here to talk to the Tower team.

What is the FireBear range?

FireBear is our specialist range of frame retardant and arc protection, which has been developed using our unrivalled experience and 30+ years in the manufacture of PPE and workwear. To learn more about FireBear range, download the brochure below.

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FR Treated VS Inherent FR

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