How to save water on World Water Day

Georgia Young
World Water Day
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Looking at the importance of responsible water use and how we can help you achieve it in your cleaning operations.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, roughly half the world’s population (that’s now over four billion people!) experience severe water scarcity for at least part of the year. When you consider that only 0.5% of the water on Earth is available fresh, clean water (something so important for our survival) the problem facing the world becomes much, much clearer.

Fresh water is running out, fast. And it’s a problem getting worse every day due to climate change.

That’s why we’re using World Water Day to put the spotlight on water waste, especially for cleaning operations. There are plenty of ways to reduce water waste, and we will take a quick look at our innovative solution that some of our biggest customers are using to reduce their water usage.

Everyone needs water to survive, making it all our responsibility to do what we can to solve the crisis. Water is both a humanitarian and an environmental issue that should be at the forefront of global concerns.

World Water Day

Why we use innovation to solve problems

Innovation is at the heart of our business and the biggest driver along our sustainability journey. It helps us make practical changes and provide sustainable cleaning, hygiene and janitorial solutions. This includes technology that helps to eliminate excess water waste during the cleaning process. But these solutions need to be sustainable in their application, not just environmentally sustainable.

Our i-mop sustainable cleaning solution

Our goal is to help customers reduce the use of chemicals and any water waste during the cleaning process. That’s why we have partnered with i-Team to offer the i-mop: a revolutionary, flexible, powerful floor cleaner that reduces the environmental impact of cleaning by 75%!

The i-mop is designed to make every drop of water count, and cleaning solutions are carefully measured for exact dosing. We understand the value of water, but also the value of not wasting it. This makes the i-mop ideal for any company looking to boost its sustainable cleaning credentials.

The internal i-link system enables you to track usage data, to help measure your water and energy use. This technology is rare and highly valued within the industry. But we strive to keep looking for these innovative and practical solutions and make them highly accessible to our customers.

I mop

If you want to find out more about the i-mop innovative cleaning solution and how it can reduce your water waste, fill out the form below or call us on 01202 718000 and we’ll get back to you.

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