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Seatrade Cruise Global
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In our latest interview we spoke to Daniel Aris, Chairman, about attending Seatrade Cruise Global 2022 in Miami: A key event in the Cruise calendar and an opportunity to talk about the Tower difference with representatives around the world.

Why is Seatrade Cruise Global a key event in the calendar for Tower?

“Seatrade Cruise Global is a fantastic opportunity to develop and re-establish strong relationships in Cruise. Meeting directly and face-to-face is very important in Cruise, something we all cherish even more since the necessary distancing measures experienced during the early stages of the pandemic.

“This will be the first gathering of key players in Cruise since ships returned to service. There’s a lot to discuss and share about the tremendous support and innovation throughout the pandemic, which has ensured Cruise only becomes stronger, whilst remaining the safest and best type of holiday.”

What are you looking forward to at Seatrade Cruise Global?

“No other Cruise event comes close to Seatrade Cruise Global. Everyone especially looks forward to the keynote address, and this year is no different. With the world reopening to Cruise, there is plenty to talk about, and the State of the Global Industry Keynotes is a must-attend session.

“As a CLIA Diamond executive partner, I’m visiting the CLIA Diamond Reception and CLIA Business on the Beach. I also plan to attend sessions in the Health & Safety and Cruising Innovations theatres, where I will talk about Tower’s existing cruise line partnerships with Carnival and Royal Caribbean.”

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This year’s theme is ‘resilience’. How important has resilience been for Tower over the last two years?

“It’s no secret the Cruise industry has been heavily affected by the pandemic. But instead of lying dormant, it became a period of intense innovation and development. This makes me even more immensely proud that Tower are a big part of such a brilliantly resilient market.

“Seeing the resilience of the Cruise industry first-hand also allowed us to reflect on the importance we hold on Tower’s flexibility and adaptability. There has never been a starker moment for all businesses to look at their own agility and to learn lessons from the early stages of the pandemic.

“When the ‘no-sail’ order came into effect, we immediately looked to see how our diverse portfolios could help our clients. We immediately went to work using our portfolio of medical devices and pandemic PPE lines to help keep seafarers safe and well on vessels harbouring in Europe.

“We reached beyond hotel operations stakeholders already familiar with Tower, through to technical and crewing teams. We were also able to leverage products supplied to the NHS during the pandemic, to guests travelling on Cruise when they resumed operations in UK and Europe in 2021.”

What key Tower messages are you taking to Seatrade Cruise Global 2022?

“Our number one message is that we deliver 99.5% on-time and in-full. Cruise needs a partner that will not let them down when it matters, and who delivers on their promises. It’s just one of the reasons we believe we are the go-to European representative for everyone in the Cruise industry.

“Just as important is making sure that every Cruise company knows we go far beyond being just a supplier. The fact is Tower are a 5-in-1 partner who delivers the complete whole package for businesses. That includes cost-saving, product development, and continuous improvement.

“We have a genuinely unique way of working with Cruise, with support packages and ground-breaking innovations and solutions. Not to mention the ways we can help companies meet their sustainability goals with better and safer cleaning, less water use, and a reduction in chemical use.”

“Our key differentiator, and why Cruise likes to work with us, is our premium consultancy experience. We develop approved products and solutions that are proven to streamline, rationalise, and solve problems before they happen. All in the name of providing continuous improvement.”

How has our experience in other industries supported our Cruise partners?

“The reason our innovative and forward-thinking approach is so unique and inspiring, is because of our experience working with other divisions. The leaps and bounds that each division make give us a head-start in developing and utilising solutions that can be used and adopted in other industries.

“As an example, we have vast experience supporting those working in high-risk environments such as Power & Utilities high voltage and roadside safety. This means as Cruise develops growth in this area, we are ready with advice and proven-tested solutions that we know help keep people safe. We can take land-based innovations and bring them out to sea.

“Despite the long-term partnerships we already have in place with the Cruise industry, I still feel like we have only scratched the surface of what we can offer. We still work relentlessly on developing our consultancy offering and our unrivalled portfolio of innovative product solutions every day.

“If you’re registered for Seatrade and would like to talk to me in Miami about working with Tower, you can use their free AI driven Matchmaking tool, which allows registered attendees and exhibitors to engage early and often by requesting and receiving meeting invitations ahead of the show.”

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