Reflecting on Utilities Week Live 2023

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The team reflects on our recent attendance of Utilities Week Live 2023 at the NEC, Birmingham. A key event in the calendar for the Power & Utilities division, it's an ideal opportunity to talk to visitors about how Tower Supplies can support them.

The Big Picture

Preparations begin for Utilities Week Live weeks, even months before the event. Al White and I were very much looking forward to being surrounded by innovation and discussions on the hot topics.

Utilities Week Live helps Tower Supplies keep in touch with all the various companies operating in our field. This is so valuable as we all share the same space and have the same passions for the sector, which means we can learn from each other and build on existing, and create new, partnerships.

What were the hottest topics at Utilities Week Live?

It was evidence that there was very strong interest in specialist solutions, for example breathing apparatus. This is when Tower's Flowmaster Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus was particularly relevant and we were able to demonstrate this for attendees.

There also seems to be increasing demand for female fit FR Arc PPE, as businesses are recruiting more and more female technicians and engineers. This is certainly a positive step forward for the industry as a whole.

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What did people want to talk and learn about the most?

Like last year, sustainability was a huge topic at the event, and we made it clear it was a big focus for Tower too, so people knew they could talk to us about it. Greenwashing is a still a problem for many who want to know the difference between offsetting and true sustainability solutions. We were able to give them the confidence that we understand these challenges.

What were the key takeaways?

It is clear to see that post-pandemic - live events have definitely made a comeback. Both visitors and exhibitors at the show felt that the event was well attended and delivered informative content that reflected the very latest industry trends and innovations.

From Tower’s perspective, Utility Week Live is a must-attend event to see and be seen at. It's the perfect opportunity to catch up with clients and other manufacturers and suppliers. It's also important for the team to see what's going on for themselves in order to that we as a business are aware of developments across the sector.

The Tower stand

The Tower stand at Utilities Week Live 2023 was co-designed and created by Quadrant2Design. They were amazing at working with us to make it truly stand out from the crowd. It utilised every inch of our space well and people could easily move about, interact, and talk to us about PPE and safety.

As well as building the stand at the NEC, Quadrant2Design also provided our team with a chance to see a pre-build setup, to make sure we were completely happy with every aspect. People came and went from the stand for two days non-stop, scanning the QR codes, viewing our Flowmaster Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus and discussing FR arc solutions.

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Do you plan on attending Utilities Week Live 2024?

We are already booked for next year! The organisers of the event always do a fantastic job and the QR codes on badges was a brilliant way for us to make quick connections that everyone could follow up later. This means the interacting, communicating, and learning doesn’t stop after the event.

Our team is already thinking about what to do even better next year when the event returns to the NEC on 21-22 May 2024.

If you want to talk about safety, innovation, sustainability, or simply find out more about what Tower can do for you, you can get in touch using our contact form or on 01202 718000.

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