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Mark Dowling
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In this article, I reflect on my time at the BSIF Networking Day last month. The day was designed for BSIF members, of which Tower are part of an elite club of 130 distributors.

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is the UK’s leading trade body within the safety industry, championing the highest standards of product quality and service.

A BSIF membership ensures our safety equipment meets standards, complies with PPE regulations, and is properly CE UKCA marked. In short, BSIF members can only offer solutions that are SAFE. Anyone who knows me at all will know this is a subject I am particularly passionate about.

Below I discuss some of the key points I collated from the day, many of which give a greater understanding of BSIF and its members.

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BSIF's vision

Whilst I was at the event, representatives from BSIF spoke a lot about the company's mission and vision.

'Working together in safety' was a strong message of the event and a phrase that BSIF used to unite all operators in the industry from distributors to importers and manufacturers. We are all working towards a common goal and that was made very clear.

Throughout the day, they also highlighted their vision - 'Supporting those businesses that help keep people safe and heathy at work.' I couldn't help but see how well the BSIF vision aligns with our own here at Tower, and it is all about safety first.

Throughout the day, they also spoke of how they work closely with the European Safety Federation whose current focuses include digital user instructions, respiratory protection (face fit testing) and PFAS (forever chemical).

Marketing resources from BSIF

As part of the day, it was great to hear more about the resources and expert product safety advice BSIF supplies to their members.

As a member ourselves, we have access to a range of resources that we can pass on to you, our customers such as:

  • Clean Air, Take Care resources
  • A brand new jargon buster for the new footwear standard
  • Latest advice on why electrical protection footwear could be classed as category 3
  • 2022 product testing results

All these resources from BSIF reinforce their goal of ensuring everyone can work safely, by making safety information more accessible.

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The importance of being a BSIF member

Being in a room surrounded by BSIF members, it was great to hear the real world implications of being a member and how we can use this as a signpost for those who are confused by the wide range of products available to them.

In last year’s product testing, the BSIF found that non-BSIF members had a failure rate of 86%, compared to members at just 14%. This shows the value of working with a member and the gulf between reliable safety suppliers and the rest.

With non-BSIF members, there were also 330 documentation fails. Whilst the failure may have been that the right documentation/evidence was not provided, this is still not good enough. It is law that safety equipment should come with documentation - something you can be guaranteed of with a BSIF supplier.

Upcoming BSIF events

My final takeaway was from a piece regarding the BSIF marketing campaigns.

The team highlighted the number of upcoming BSIF events, all designed to further enhance the service we can provide.

They include:

  • An advanced bid writing course on the 17th December
  • Sourcing Safety - an end user course endorsed by NEBOSH, launching soon

Overall, it was a great experience and it was rewarding to be surrounded by so many other like-minded individuals and businesses.

Tower Supplies are proud to be a part of BSIF, working together in safety!

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