Reflections on the latest report from Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association

Simon Beaumont
TS CHSA response
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Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association recently published a report - “designed to help buyers select ethically and environmentally sustainable solutions”.

It attracted my interest because helping buyers do precisely that - is what we do best.

Buying sustainably is simply better. Products last longer, create less waste, and do less damage. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘ultimate sustainable solutions provider’. We even have a product that can replace up to 90% of your traditional synthetic cleaning products!

The report answered three questions, which I am going to answer too … from a Tower point of view…

What are the major carbon-reduction initiatives / changes taking place in the industry?

My answer:

It’s clear that sustainable and carbon neutral products are becoming an essential demand for buyers in the cleaning and hygiene space. Tower are proud to have leading water-based, non-toxic synthetic chemical-free cleaning products. These drastically reduce the use of single use plastics and replace up to 90% of traditional cleaning products. Best of all, they provide a long-term cost-in-use benefit.

What types of initiative/approach should be specified in tenders?

My answer:

I think it’s vital that tenders allow space for suppliers to fully prove their sustainability credentials and accreditations in detail. This includes Tower’s Net Zero journey which covers Scope 1, 2 and the wider-reaching Scope 3. As well as sustainable product solutions, Tower provide the full sustainability package, with recycling services, rationalisation, and the development of innovative solutions.

What should buyers be aware of / avoid and how do they identify greenwashing claims?

My answer:

My advice to buyers who are wary of greenwashing is to CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! Check the suppliers’ credentials carefully. Make sure that any green claims are backed up by evidence. Not just “saying the right things”, but hard data that shows progress and the impact on the customer’s own goals. I would also suggest staying up to date on best practices so you can make good, sound judgments.

You can click here to view "Sustainability and the Cleaning Industry The Results - July 2023" from Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association.

If you want to be more sustainable with your buying of cleaning and hygiene products. Message me directly to set up a review of your current range options and hear about our solutions.

Simon Beaumont
Simon Beaumont
Divisional Managing Director - National Accounts

With over 20 years experience driving “best-in-class” operating standards and solutions, Simon works in partnership with customers as a trusted advisor and sustainable expert supplier.

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