Six ways to strengthen tired feet

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With National Feet Week 2022 upon us, we thought we’d deliver some great tips on how to look after your feet after a long day at work.

We care about your feet. The right foot protection can keep you safe from dangers like falling objects and electrical hazards, and help prevent against slips, trips, and falls. Tower can help you choose the right foot protection, but we also want to help you look after your own feet too.

Why is looking after your feet important?

Any business will tell you that the safety of everyone’s feet is the key to success and productivity. Choosing the wrong type of protection can affect performance, safety, and employee absence. And after a long day on your feet, foot pain or discomfort is not uncommon. Warehouse staff, refuse collectors and postmen for example take thousands of steps every day, mostly on hard surfaces.

Walking has a ‘muscle pumping’ effect, improving blood flow to partially counteract the tiring effects of being on your feet. This is especially important for ‘static workers’, who stand on one spot for production lines or machinery. Some static workers have experienced joint compression, postural issues, muscle fatigue, pooling of blood in legs and feet, and sore or aching feet and joints.

How can I strengthen my tired feet?

Here’s some important ways you can look after your feet, whether you’ve been walking miles on hard surfaces, or standing in one spot throughout the day:

1 - Roll a ball - This provides an instant foot massage. Roll a golf ball, tennis ball or massage ball under the ball of your foot. Apply light pressure for two minutes, before switching to the other foot.

2 - Heel raise - This is good for relieving cramps. Simply stand up, lift your heels so that you’re standing on the balls of your feet, then hold the pose for 10 seconds.

3 - Towel pick up - A great way to strengthen toes. Sit with a towel in front of you. Keeping both heels on the ground, pick-up the towel by scrunching it between your toes, repeat this 10 times.

4 - Standing stretch - To help with arch pain, stand and place the toes of one foot against the wall. Then lean forward gently until you feel your arch stretch. Swap to the other foot and repeat.

5 – Foot massage – An effective pain reliever. Along the underside of your foot starting with your toes, use your thumb to massage in small circles, the move to the arch, before working your way down to the heel.

6 – A warm bath – To relax all your muscles after a long day, sit in a warm bath with some Epsom Salts or Radox.

Don’t forget that PPE such as safety boots and foot protection should only be used when a risk cannot be eliminated, substituted, or isolated from workers. We have both female and male options for footwear in a range of colours, styles, and sizes. And we work with major brands such as Uvex, Timberland, V12, Dr Martens, U Power, and exclusive-to-Tower brand WorkBear.

Don’t let National Feet Week pass you by without checking you have the right safety wear to protect your feet. Call us on 01202 718000 or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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