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Bruce Woodfield
SSE Clothing
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In a recent visit to our headquarters in Poole, SSE experienced first-hand the benefits of choosing Tower as their trusted supplier partner.

We work closely with customers such as SSE to continually drive innovation and improve workplace safety. By regularly reviewing their needs through strategic business planning, we can identify where Tower can support and facilitate change using our position as a vital part of the supply chain.

During a visit to our head office and distribution centres, we planned and facilitated sessions with our clothing producers, technical workwear designers and fabric manufacturers. By collaborating and offering the right solutions, we proactively tackled challenges in SSE’s changing work environment.

As well as improvements in comfort and safety, we also support SSE with workwear and PPE responsibilities. This includes long term planning for what happens to PPE and workwear at end-of-life. SSE had this to say about the sessions...

“The session with the designer was music to our ears and hearing the process they go through was great. It was also very exciting to discuss how the clothing will be designed and manufactured with its end of life in mind.

“It was a great idea to go through the issues we have with our clothing with it right there in front of us. This really helped highlight the challenges, which benefited everyone and paved the way for a great future for the product range.

“The sessions we had with the fabric manufacturers were eye-opening and will lead to a new lightweight and comfortable solution that meets our needs. It was great to see some of the items being created using these materials and I am excited to see what is around the corner.”

Occupational Safety Advisor Heather Bishop


As well as these valuable sessions with partners, we came away with some key requests from SSE to deliver even more value…

  • Working with the designer to add new fastening features.
  • Adjusting and improving wet weather clothing.
  • Development of a new FR & arc sports jacket and fleece.
  • Develop new trouser for SSE’s renewables division.
  • Further increasing the range of female workwear.
  • IT development roadmap for stock management and ordering platform CtrlCloud.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with SSE and developing their range of technical workwear and PPE. By working closely with everyone in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream, we can drive innovation, sustainability, and the importance of workplace safety.

Bruce Woodfield 2
Bruce Woodfield
Divisional Managing Director - Power & Utilities

Bruce works at the forefront of global requirements and is a leading authority on arc flash PPE. Bruce is also highly knowledgeable about the requirements of the Energy and Utilities industry.

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