Switching tracks on TFL's workwear & PPE

Bruce Woodfield
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How a new partnership review with Transport for London (TFL) turned into a complete PPE renovation with the help of our online ordering management platform CtrlCloud.

One of our first actions at the start of a new partnership is to review the situation and assess where we can immediately help and provide solutions. After partnering with major transport provider TFL, we found that we could help in more ways than they expected.

After concluding that TFL had been using an unusually wide range of products with their previous supplier, we began work on a project of rationalisation and standardisation. We also helped TFL find and then switch over to alternative solutions when and if products were no longer available.


A partnership with us also meant access to our ordering management platform, CtrlCloud, to help TFL control buying behaviour and ensure a PPE standard across the company. This resulted in improved safety excellence, a reduced range of products, and better cost-effective practices.

We even found that we could improve the way TFL laundered their coveralls. Using our relationship with commercial laundry service phs beSafe, we provided a comprehensive end-to-end ordering, laundry, and delivery service, with lockers and a simple repairs service for them to use.

TFL also directly benefited from our unrivalled safety and best practice knowledge. Tower’s unique understanding of garment standard requirements for each job role and type of risk, led to a safer, more rationalised product range from the outset of the new partnership.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of CtrlCloud, contact Bruce and the team below.

Bruce Woodfield 2
Bruce Woodfield
Divisional Managing Director - Power & Utilities

Bruce works at the forefront of global requirements and is a leading authority on arc flash PPE. Bruce is also highly knowledgeable about the requirements of the Energy and Utilities industry.

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