Facilities Management

Cleaning & hygiene solutions for facilities management

The challenge

We understand that managing cleaning and hygiene across multiple locations can be a major challenge for facilities management teams. Each site needs to be cleaned to a high standard, which can be costly and present logistical challenges.

To save money and simplify the cleaning process, it's important to find efficient and effective cleaning products to meet all aspects of your cleaning requirements. We will find the products that meet your budget and can make your cleaning and sanitation rota simpler.

Cleaning products

Bespoke solutions

Cleaning and janitorial solutions

Many companies have started using new cleaning technologies such as electrostatic spraying, which helps make sure cleaning solutions get spread out evenly. Innovative technologies like this could be instrumental in helping your teams become more efficient in their roles.

But it’s important that innovative technologies are also paired with environmentally friendly cleaning products. That’s why we’re proud to supply cleaning products from Evans Vanodine who develop their products consciously with formulation, manufacturing, and disposal in mind.


Washrooms are an essential part of any facility, but they also present unique challenges. To prevent the spread of germs, companies have developed innovative solutions such as touch-free soap dispensers, faucets, and toilets, which help to minimise contact with surfaces.

Additionally, there has also been a stronger focus on using more environmentally friendly products such as waterless urinals and low-flow toilets. These types of solutions help to conserve water and reduce overall waste.

Supply of consumables

Keeping track of products is a challenge. Our CtrlCloud ordering platform helps teams manage inventory and make sure supplies get restocked when needed. Swapping to reusable products like microfibre cleaning cloths can also help cut down on waste and save money in the long term.


Cleanliness and hygiene are vital in kitchens and communal dining areas. One of the biggest challenges for employees is ensuring that kitchen equipment is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Cleaning schedules and training can help monitor and maintain the cleanliness of these areas. New cleaning technologies such as steam cleaning can be a useful resource to help you disinfect surfaces more effectively and without the use of chemicals.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning presents its own set of challenges, such as removing stains and odours and ensuring that carpets are cleaned thoroughly without damaging the fibres. Innovative carpet cleaning technologies are a useful tool for making the cleaning process more efficient and effective. Encapsulation cleaning, which uses special chemicals to trap dirt and soil before it can be removed, is a great example of innovative. This could be instrumental as a time-saving tool. Sustainable cleaning also needs to be considered when it comes to carpet cleaning. Speak to one of our subject matter experts to find a solution that is safe for both people and the environment.

Net Zero

Sustainable cleaning

Innovations can make cleaning for facilities management teams more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Automated dispensing systems prevent unnecessary product waste as they dispense cleaning products in precise amounts. This reduces waste and ensures that the right amount of product is used for each cleaning task. Water-saving technologies such as low-flow toilets and faucets can also help conserve water and reduce your site’s environmental footprint.

Choosing sustainable and planet-friendly cleaning products can help your organisation reduce their overall impact on the planet. Implementing green cleaning procedures can help your team prioritise the planet, reduce their environmental footprint and promote a healthier work environment.

How Tower can help

We can help you build your tailored catalogue from the ground up, with practical features and a streamlined range of janitorial products. Our CtrlCloud system is a smarter way to take control of your orders and manage stock, consignments, inventories, and more. Allowing you to create a product quota or budget for cleaning and janitorial products.