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Cleaning & hygiene solutions for the cruise industry

The challenge

The cruise industry faces risks associated with bacterial and viral infections spreading amongst a large group of people on board. They take sanitation incredibly seriously and have implemented rigorous protocols to ensure that everything remains sanitary at sea. The cruise industry undergoes regular inspections from health authorities to ensure they are meeting or exceeding standards for cleanliness and hygiene. All this highlights the importance of working with a trusted cleaning and hygiene distributor.

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What hurdles do cruise liners often face?

The cruise industry has long been grappling with the challenges posed by proper sanitation practices. Contaminated surfaces, ventilation systems, and restricted spaces all add to the hurdles required for effective sanitation measures. Another concern is that passengers and crew members travel from different geographical locations and could have been exposed to various germs and environmental hazards.

Adopting an integrated approach towards onboard sanitation can mitigate these obstacles by improving safety procedures, and disinfection protocols. By using innovative cleaning products and technologies, cruise ships can proactively prevent contamination and sickness. Providing training programs for personnel involved in hygiene maintenance means staff are well equipped to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

How do the challenges differ between departments?

Maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness across all areas of the ship is essential for preventing the spread of disease among passengers and crew members. Key sanitation challenges include maintaining clean hotel rooms, kitchens, dining facilities, swimming pools and other recreational areas on board.

Due to the complexity of running a cruise ship with thousands of guests at any given time, it can be difficult to ensure that every area is cleaned and disinfected properly. Cruise ships must comply with strict regulatory health standards set by international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and European Union legislation.


Keeping things sanitary post-Covid 19

Post Covid-19, cruise ship sanitation practices have undergone significant changes. Cruise lines are employing aggressive disinfection measures and enhanced cleaning procedures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for passengers and crew. Sanitising stations should be found all around the ship.

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions for cleaning and hygiene on cruise ships are becoming increasingly common as they cater to each ship's unique requirements. From automated sanitation systems to specialised staff training programs, these tailored solutions efficiently deliver high standards while using fewer resources.

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Sustainable cleaning

Sustainable cleaning innovations for cruise ships are vital to reducing the environmental footprint of the cruise industry. As regulations and restrictions become increasingly stringent, cruise lines must adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing plastic and landfill waste, advanced wastewater purification, and optimising ship speed and fuel efficiency.

Some of these innovative solutions include the use of electrostatic disinfection systems that reduce water usage and disinfectants while maintaining a high level of sanitisation. Additionally, the implementation of biodegradable or compostable products such as cleaning wipes and bags further reduces waste while also being gentle on marine ecosystems in case of disposal at sea.


CtrlFlow is a unique and innovative cleaning solution that has proved effective in various industries including cruise ships. ECA water provides an excellent alternative to traditional chemical-based cleaners, as it is non-toxic, ocean safe, and cost-effective. Cruise ships are subject to high levels of human traffic and face constant sanitation challenges. That makes finding effective cleaning solutions critical. ECA is an on-demand cleaning solution and depending on the task at hand, CtrlFlow can generate three different types of solutions to use.

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With decades of experience in the industry, Tower Supplies has developed a comprehensive range of products and services designed specifically to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by cruise ship operators. To speak to one of subject matter experts call us today on 01202 718000.

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