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Cleaning technology and innovations

Looking at the innovations in cleaning and hygiene and the key technologies that could improve your sustainability and cleaning efficiency.

New tech

Staying ahead

We’re always on the lookout for new innovations and technology. Especially when they can be used to make cleaning and hygiene operations more simple, sustainable, responsible, and efficient for customers. And right now, we have some exciting new cleaning technologies that could soon be industry standard.

But what are these new innovations? And why should you be interested in them?

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The latest innovation in automation

One of the biggest changes we have seen in product development is in automation. Automated floor mops and vacuums can save huge amounts of time and helps implement new solutions more easily. Adopting these cleaning technologies also creates another layer of cleaning consistency to tasks.

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green thinking

Helping you be more sustainable

There’s been a shift towards sustainable practices in the cleaning industry as we turn our focus on the impact of plastics and chemicals on the environment. Our CtrlFlow ECA product massively reduces your impact, by replacing up to 90% of the harmful synthetic chemicals used in cleaning.


The latest cleaning and hygiene technology

Utilising new technology is the key to staying ahead, maintaining cleanliness, and saving costs. There have been incredible advancements in several areas. This includes robotics, ultraviolet disinfection, antimicrobial surface protectants, data, and IoT (the internet of things) technology.

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How to implement new technology

Introducing new cleaning technology to a workforce takes time and training. But once done, you can immediately start integrating systems into your cleaning rotation. We can help you adopt new solutions with training and guidance, like we did with P&O Cruises when began using the i-mop automated floor scrubber.

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From ride-on scrubber dryers to humble hand towels, our vast product range covers all aspects of cleaning and hygiene. Speak to a subject matter expert to find out what solutions and technologies are right for you. For further information fill out the form below or call us on 01202 718000.

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