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Sustainability within commercial cleaning

A guide to green cleaning in the commercial sector, including how to make your business more sustainable with better practices and product choice.


A greener future

Sustainability is a driving force in society. People are now demanding change for a greener future. With customers demanding greener cleaning products, there is a new requirement to supply commercial cleaning products that don’t harm the environment.

Net Zero guidelines call for reductions in the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. But “green” doesn’t always mean expensive. You can trust us to provide the best advice and products to help you meet your sustainability requirements as well as improve overall cost-in-use.


Green cleaning

Green cleaning refers to cleaning methods and products that have environmentally friendly processes and ingredients. The product packaging and distribution methods should be considered when seeking out green cleaning solutions.

The main challenge is finding reliable sustainable products that don’t greenwash or offset the problem. We also understand the need for effective products that keep everyone safe. If you need help navigating the world of sustainable cleaning, speak to our subject matter experts for advice.


Sustainability in the commercial cleaning industry

Sustainable cleaning can’t be found in just one single product or shiny new machine. It’s about considering the full cleaning process and making sure that it is still effective without causing damage to the environment. We do this by considering the products, packaging, and processes:

Cleaning and Janitorial


We recommend looking at the long-term picture by selecting products that increase the efficiency of resource usage throughout its lifecycle. Consider raw materials, packaging, and transportation.

Delivery Box


Reducing packaging and removing excessive plastic can greatly affect a product’s environmental footprint. Using only necessary packaging reduces the energy required to handle and process packaging waste.



Improve sustainability by using a waste hierarchy. Focusing on reduction, reuse, and recycling, limits waste and streamlines the process and reduces the consumption of cleaning products and chemicals.

Two Cleaners

Sustainable cleaning technology

Emerging technology is helping minimise waste and utilise water and energy more efficiently. Using eco-friendly products also improves an organisation’s sustainability credentials. We have access to existing and new technologies such as the i-mop, CtrlFlow ECA, and HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners.


Effectively implementing sustainability into your business

Here are five steps you can use to help you build more sustainable practices:

1. Commit to sustainability

True commitment must start at the top with senior executives. This helps everyone understand the value and need for meaningful change.

2. Documentation

Recording the plans and progress of your sustainability program increases the chances of success, creates evidence, and helps to ensure accountability.

3. Measure

Assessing waste and product consumption helps set goals and measure success. Data collection helps track sustainable progress in reaching your sustainability goals.

4. Employee engagement

Making change is a team effort and requires cross-departmental contribution. Keeping employees engaged with your sustainability goals will deliver results.

5. Set goals

Setting realistic science-based targets is important at the beginning of a sustainability project as it establishes milestones that reduces overall emissions.


Sustainability at Tower

To find out more about our sustainable practices, innovations and our Net Zero journey, visit our sustainability page. Or speak to one of our experts by using our contact form below.

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