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EN 140

The standard for respiratory protective devices that cover half or a quarter of the wearer's face.

What is EN 140 standard?

This standard specifies the minimum requirements for half- and quarter masks for use as part of respiratory protective devices.


EN 140 explained

Requirements include testing inward leakage, breathability, flammability, and the mechanical tightness of valves and connections. These facepieces can be used in negative pressure isolation chambers and powered or supplied air systems. If used in a negative pressure isolation chamber, the mask should have filters conforming to EN 141, EN 143, EN 371 or EN 372 attached to it. Please note that the requirements of this standard do not apply to escape- and diving apparatuses.

Half or quarter masks: masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin or the nose and mouth only. The facepiece is generally made of flexible rubber or silicone and can be fitted with a range of replaceable filters that conform with the requirements specified in EN 141, EN 143, EN 371, and EN 372. Since heavy filters are uncomfortable and compromise the strength and protective capacities of face seals, the maximum weight of filters that are to be fitted to half masks is 300g. Half masks should be fitted in accordance with the EN 148/1 standard specifying thread fitting.