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EN 352-2

Protective ear plugs for workers requiring hearing protection.

What is EN 352-2 standard?

EN 352-2:2002 specifies constructional, design and performance requirements, marking requirements and user information for earplugs.


EN 352-2 explained

It specifies the sound attenuation of the earplugs, measured in accordance with EN 24869-1. Ergonomic aspects are addressed by taking into account, within the requirements, the interaction between the wearer, the device and where possible the working environment in which the device is likely to be used.

Markings may only appear on the packaging. In addition to the Standard number, manufacturer and model identification:
• Whether disposable or re-useable
• Fitting instructions
• Nominal size of formable plugs, in range 5 to 14 mm.
• Left-right differentiation for custom moulded plugs