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EN 511

Gloves that provide protection against cold.

What is EN 511 standard?

EN 511:2006 specifies the requirements and test methods for gloves that protect against convective and conductive cold to -50°C. T


EN 511 explained

The cold can be linked to weather conditions or to industrial activity. The values assigned to performance levels are decided by the requirements for each risk class and by the specific areas of application. These tests indicate product performance levels though not levels of protection.

EN 511:2006 Definition and requirements
These gloves are designed to protect the wearer’s hands against cold. The material combination used in the gloves’ construction is tested in accordance with EN 511. Gloves’ insulating properties may be affected by for air temperature, humidity, wind speed, time of exposure, activity level, and the wearer’s health and well-being (e.g., wetness can compromise gloves’ insulating properties).

Gloves that pass the tests specified in this standard must also attain at least a performance level of 1 in the EN 388 abrasion and tear tests. If gloves attain less than a performance level of 2, then their resistance to both convective cold and contact cold must be reported as, maximum, level 1.

The pictogram will be accompanied by a 3-character code:
a - Resistance to convective cold = based on the gloves’ insulating properties, this measures the transfer of cold through convection (performance levels 0 to 4, with 4 being the highest).
b- Resistance to contact cold = based on the gloves’ thermal capacity when in contact with a cold object (performance levels 0 to 4, with 4 being the highest).
c- Permeability to water = gloves’ capacity to resist water penetration (0 = fail; 1= pass).
0 = water penetration after 5 minutes (replaces the previous standard of 30 min).
1 = no water penetration after 5 minutes (replaces the previous standard of 30 min).
Note: gloves that receive a score of 0 on this test may perform well in the other test areas and, by extension, may still earn the accreditation.
X = gloves that have not been tested