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Forestry Protective Gear

A guide to the forestry PPE & protective clothing suits that will keep you safe at work.


Workplace risks

The importance of using the proper PPE & protective clothing in the forestry industry cannot be overstated. PPE is of course the last line of defence after first eliminating, substituting, and controlling risk, according to the hierarchy of controls.

But once it’s worn, it becomes the forestry worker's last line of defence in the event of an accident. If the right PPE is used, it can prevent or greatly reduce the risk of serious injury. This is especially important for those operating chainsaws or other dangerous cutting and sawing equipment.

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What forestry PPE is essential?

There are several types of PPE that is vital when working with tree cutting and carrying equipment. And due to the importance of forestry PPE, all equipment must meet its required safety standards…

• Head protection is designed for overhead hazards present in the forestry environment. Helmets must be always fitted securely and should be a highly visible colour.

• Eye and face protection must be worn when there is a risk of eye or face injuries. This is especially true for chainsaw operators who can face consistent debris when sawing.

• Hearing protection is required for when working with or near high noise machinery and is now the highest classification level of PPE because of the risks involved.

• Hand and arm injuries are common in the forestry industry. That’s why workers must wear gloves when handling sharp objects and materials and operating dangerous machinery.

• Leg protection must be worn when operating a chainsaw. The leg protection must also cover the entire leg, from the upper thigh down to the top of the user’s boot.

• Foot protection needs to be waterproof or water resistant, with ankle support and toe protection. Employees using chainsaws must wear boots with cut resistant material.


Why is forestry PPE so important?

Forestry is a dangerous working environment. That’s why PPE must be strongly considered to ensure the safety of employees. Each working day includes jobs and tasks that put people at risk of serious injury or even death. Businesses are breaking the law if they neglect their staff’s health and safety.

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