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Respiratory Protection

We can advise you on how to mitigate risk, verifying each product’s suitability by referring to an extensive chemicals database.

Choosing the correct respiratory protection requires experience and knowledge. You will need to conduct a comprehensive assessment of all hazards likely to be encountered, including dust, fumes, mists, gases, and vapours.

Reusable masks

Read the latest on reusable masks, including the different types of masks, who needs to wear one, and what innovations are currently featuring in products.


Flowmaster FABA

Developed by Tower Supplies in consultation with SGN, and now used by a number of gas DNOs and contractors, the Flowmaster Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus is ideal for confined spaces and other oxygen-poor or hazardous work environments.

Read the full Flowmaster FABA brochure below...

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FABA Brochure

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