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Why Branded PPE and Clothing are Important

Branded PPE, workwear, and uniform are great ways to be easily recognised. They look professional, give your employees a sense of belonging, and add a layer of security and protection.

In other words, branded PPE and clothing are good for business.

Our branded PPE and garment service includes complete design and application. And our expert operatives add any logo to uniforms, workwear, and PPE, to create a unique look for your brand.

You can see our branding clothing video here.

Here’s some more on why branding PPE and clothing is important…

Branded PPE and clothing create brand recognition

There’s far more to it than just a logo. It’s the first statement a company makes, creating a lasting impact on how customers and the public feel about your company from that point on.

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A recognisable logo with legible information makes a good first impression.

Brand awareness is also a big benefit. Increasing visibility through your company branding, especially on workwear and uniforms, helps you create longer-lasting customer relationships.

It’s always worth investing in making your brand recognisable to the public.

Branded PPE and clothing are essentially a walking-talking advert. Your employees are promoting your brand, increasing exposure, and building up customer trust in your company.

Branded PPE and clothing promote professionalism.

Consistent branding across your workforce’s PPE and clothing increases the look of professionalism. A professional-looking team will increase customer confidence and pride in your organisation.

Employees will always look smarter in a professional uniform.

When wearing branded PPE and clothing, your employees are more aware that they’re representing your brand. This means they are also more likely to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

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Branded PPE and clothing support employees.

The impact on employees might not be the first thing that businesses think of when they decide whether to use branded PPE and clothing. But they’re the living embodiment of your brand.

Branded PPE and clothing have a positive impact on employees.

Providing your employees with company uniforms and PPE improves well-being and boosts morale in the workplace. That means better job satisfaction, which is crucial to a successful business.

The fact is, happy employees are more productive and loyal.

Wearing the same branded and recognisable PPE and clothing as colleagues gives employees a sense of belonging, solidarity, and pride. That transforms them into natural brand advocates.

Branded PPE and clothing deliver safety and security.

When safety is paramount at work, wearing the right PPE is compulsory. By branding the clothing and equipment, it makes it appear more officially connected to your business.

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Employees are more likely to fulfil the responsibility to wear PPE when it’s branded.

Branded PPE and clothing create a sense of security for the employee. Branded clothing can bring a team closer together, creating a stronger culture of support and safety.

Recognising who a member of staff is when a premises needs evacuating is vital.

Quick identification between employees and non-employees is extremely important in restricted or high-risk areas. It delivers peace of mind when you can easily see who does and doesn’t belong.

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Our branded PPE and clothing service

We brand anything that is worn at work. This includes PPE such as helmets, coveralls, and masks, as well as workwear and uniform such as polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, coats, and jackets.

Having our own in-house badging facility gives us more control, reduces the environmental impact, and often means a faster turnaround for branded PPE and clothing requests.

There’s also a five-day badge-to-order service on all branded PPE, with a choice of embroidery or heat seal. Visit our branding service page, fill out the contact form below, or call 01202 718000 for more.

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