Measure + Understand x Control = Improve.

Anyone can supply you with products, but only an expert partner can help you to truly manage your assets and regain control. We developed our process with the cruise industry, but it’s now transforming the efficiency of industries around the world, including facilities management, automotive, power and national government. We call it HELM.

What is HELM?

HELM is a combination of consultancy, product supply, training and software. It enables global businesses to predict spend, gain clarity, design products that meet their specific needs and experience greater efficiency.

Be facility smart

Could your choice of PPE reduce fatigue? Could uniform supply issues be affecting staff wellbeing and satisfaction? Could more effective products or methods reduce your overall cleaning costs? We’re helping businesses to anticipate and tackle specific challenges within their workplaces. From health and safety to cost reduction and standardisation, we can help you become facility smart.

Here to empower businesses

Through HELM, you’ll have tools you need to measure and understand, the systems and processes you need to take control and the data you need to continuously improve. Get in touch today to find out more.

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