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When it comes to workwear, corporate clothing, uniforms and PPE, we've got you covered. We believe that with our unrivalled range of capabilities and expertise, there is simply no area that cannot be covered by us. Find out more below.

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The garments your employees wear deliver more than just brand identity. They enhance employee satisfaction, provide protection from hazards and defend against the elements. That's why our clothing range is developed to bring you greater comfort with improved protection at better value. Our range includes base layers, corporate workwear, hi vis, protective clothing, specialist garments and industry specific products. Everything you need to ensure your employees are protected, comfortable and on brand.

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Tower's own range of quality workwear - WorkBear - competitively priced and available in polo-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, fleeces, t-shirts, coveralls, and waterproof rainwear.

WorkBear is a simple concept, conceived through years of experience in work clothing, providing a core range of products that can be adapted to your exact requirements.

We use only high-quality, high-performance materials and combine them with our manufacturing expertise and stringent quality controls.

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Our suits, shirts, ties, and front-of-house clothing help you stay smart and professional for customers.

We offer an expert design service, with in-house heat seal and embroidery to give your team a unique identity and corporate image.

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Create a consistent and professional look for roles such as security staff, health workers, and paramedics.

We can explain the considerations that need to go into each design for a variety of job roles, ensuring that employees have practical, functional, and safe uniforms that maintain a strong brand presence.

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There are several things to consider when selecting PPE for a job. This includes asking yourself: What are the hazards? Who is exposed? What hazards are they exposed to? How long and how often are they exposed to these hazards?

If you are unsure what PPE you need to protect your employees, Tower can help you select what the most appropriate option would be. Once you have chosen your PPE it must be given to employees free of charge.

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