Ctrl Cloud


The smart ordering platform that puts you in complete control.

Get the right products, to the right place, at the right time, with the UK’s leading integrated PPE supply management solution. CtrlCloud is a flexible and dynamic ordering platform tailored to you.

CtrlCloud is one way we deliver real value through access to innovative value adding services. It’s a smarter way to take control of your orders and manage stock, consignments, inventories, and more.

CtrlCloud explained

CtrlCloud is your own dedicated, private, and secure online platform for managing orders and stock, reviewing costs and usage, and controlling access and visibility. Used by many well-known clients, CtrlCloud was launched in 2012 and has continued to evolve ever since to remain market leading.

CtrlCloud benefits

Here’s some of the ways our clients benefit from using our CtrlCloud smart ordering platform:

  • Control over who can view products and prices, and create orders
  • Added security with only approved staff members given access to the site
  • Controlled ordering with optional approval and review process
  • Increased privacy with CtrlCloud hidden from online search engines
  • Improved visibility on order activity through a variety of reporting features
  • Reduced liability risk on compliance, as only H&S approved PPE is available
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings of up to 20% for some clients

CtrlCloud support

As well as setting up your dedicated CtrlCloud platform and tailoring the product list to you, we also provide an ongoing review. We assess your activity on CtrlCloud, helping you understand usage, rationalise, and standardise products, and make it easier to control how and when employees order.

Our Ctrl innovation suite

CtrlCloud is just one part of our Ctrl suite of market-leading innovative solutions, designed to address your immediate needs and future challenges. When implemented, these solutions can deliver considerable efficiency gains and cost savings to our clients.