Winter is coming...

We can help you prepare for the colder months with the most complete range of PPE, workwear and cleaning winter essentials available from a supplier.

  • Winter essentials on the road 2
    Out on the road We understand the importance of keeping your workforce safe, comfortable, and prepared as they hit the road in the winter months. From thermal gloves and socks during for the frosty mornings, to base layers for added insulation.

    Be well-prepared with essentials like salt sticks for icy road conditions, defrosting screen wash to ensure clear visibility, travel first aid kits for unexpected emergencies, torches for visibility in dark conditions, and waterless soap for on-the-go hygiene.
  • Winter essentials at the office 2
    Back in the office The winter months can bring a whole set of changes that need considering. And that includes inside offices and other buildings.

    As well as Covid tests and other ways to prevent the spread of infection, we can help you stay protected with the most efficient, sustainable, and safe cleaning products available.
  • Winter essentials outdoors 2
    Facing the elements If your task means leaving the van or the office to work outside in very cold and wintry weather, it's essential you take every precaution to stay warm and safe.

    We provide customers who work outside with waterproof boots, thermal gloves, thermal socks, helmet liners, thermal base layers, ice grippers, foul weather hi-vis, and powerful torches.
What are the top 5 most overlooked winter essentials?
/ Helmet liners / Thermal layers / Screen wash / Salt sticks / Torches

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