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Empowering safety: Tailored PPE solutions for women

Tailored women's PPE offers customised safety gear designed for female workers.

In many industries, from construction to healthcare, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a crucial component for ensuring worker safety. However, the standard PPE available on the market often fails to account for the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women. Tailored PPE solutions for women address this significant gap by offering safety gear designed specifically to fit women's bodies, enhancing both protection and comfort.

"Women want their modesty and comfort to be top priority when designing women's workwear. They don’t want material to be transparent in any way, and to have buttons on the correct side to avoid gaps appearing. Above all, women need to feel confident when they are wearing PPE & workwear.

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FR / Class Arc Long Sleeve T-shirt, Navy/Yellow

Two-tone shirt with yellow reflective shoulder stripes and a high collar.

EN1149, EN14116, EN11612, EN20471, EN13034, EN343-3-3

Order product code C21.FB114F


FR / Class 1 Arc Long Sleeved Polo Shirt, Hi-Vis

Contrast colour ribbed collar for extended soiling protection, moisture management technology.

EN61482-1-2-2007, EN1149, EN14116, EN11612, EN20471

Order product code C21.FB249F-SY

Why female PPE is outdated

An exclusive interview with Tower’s designer Paula Cannon of fashion design consultancy Pen to Peg. Looking at the challenges women face when given unisex or poorly designed clothing to wear and what they really want from their PPE & workwear.

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Issues with ‘generic’ PPE

The "one size fits all" approach to women's PPE is ineffective due to the diverse range of body shapes and sizes among women, leading to poor fit and compromised safety. Ill-fitting PPE can cause discomfort, restricted movement, and decreased mobility, which discourages consistent use and increases the risk of workplace injuries. This approach also fails to address the specific risks and requirements of different jobs, resulting in inadequate protection.

Additionally, generic PPE can cause health issues such as skin irritation and musculoskeletal problems, and may not integrate well with other safety equipment. The lack of tailored PPE can negatively impact the morale and signals a disregard for women's needs, affecting job satisfaction and inclusivity. Additionally, employers may face legal and compliance issues if they do not provide suitable PPE for all employees.

PPE is not fit for women and it’s lowering morale

In this article, we explain how female-fit PPE helps women feel like they belong, whilst also improving productivity and safety.

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The benefits of using tailored PPE solutions for women

Tailored PPE solutions for women are designed to address the unique anatomical and functional needs of female workers, enhancing safety, comfort, and inclusivity in the workplace. This approach ensures that PPE fits properly and functions effectively, considering the diverse body shapes, sizes, and specific job requirements of women.

Increased comfort

Female-fit PPE considers ergonomic factors, leading to greater comfort during prolonged use by including adjustments in weight distribution and flexible materials. Comfortable PPE reduces physical strain and fatigue, enhancing overall wellbeing and productivity.

Boosted performance and efficiency

PPE that fits well allows for better movement and dexterity, improving job performance, especially in physically demanding tasks. Additionally, when PPE is comfortable and fits correctly, workers can focus more on their tasks without being distracted by ill-fitting equipment.

Better health outcomes

Properly fitting PPE reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries, leading to better health outcomes and fewer work-related health issues. Addressing ergonomic needs also helps prevent long-term musculoskeletal problems often caused by ill-fitting PPE.

Regulatory compliance

Many regulatory bodies and standards organisations recommend or require PPE to be suitable for all workers, including women. Tailored solutions ensure compliance with these regulations, contributing to a safer and legally compliant workplace.

Women are more likely to consistently use PPE that fits well and feels comfortable, leading to better compliance with safety protocols.

Economic benefits

Fewer injuries and better health outcomes lead to reduced healthcare and compensation costs. Additionally, comfortable and safe employees are more productive, contributing to overall business efficiency and profitability.

Advancing workplace safety with tailored PPE solutions for women

Tower takes pride in supplying high-quality female PPE. Crafted with our industry insights, our female PPE ensures optimal safety and comfort for women at work.

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What should be considered when buying women’s PPE?

When buying women's PPE, several important factors should be considered to ensure safety, comfort, and effectiveness. First, proper fit and sizing are crucial. PPE should be available in a range of sizes tailored to women's body shapes, including smaller sizes and different proportions for items like gloves, helmets, and protective clothing. Adjustable features such as straps, elastic bands, and Velcro are essential to accommodate various body types and ensure a snug fit.

Comfort and ergonomics are also key considerations. Choosing PPE made from lightweight yet durable materials can reduce fatigue during prolonged use. Breathable materials are important to prevent overheating and discomfort, especially in hot or physically demanding environments. Additionally, ergonomic designs with contoured shapes and padding enhance comfort and reduce strain.

Specific protection needs should not be overlooked. The PPE must provide adequate coverage for women, particularly in areas where body shape differences compared to men might matter. Functional design features, such as reinforced areas, additional pockets, or visibility enhancements, cater to the specific tasks and hazards in the workplace.

Quality and durability are essential to ensure that the PPE can withstand job demands and provide long-lasting protection. High-quality materials and adherence to relevant safety standards and certifications guarantee that the PPE offers the necessary level of protection. Adjustable features further enhance comfort and safety by allowing a more customised and secure fit.

Purchasing PPE from reputable suppliers known for producing high-quality and reliable equipment is essential.

Work with an inclusive supplier like Tower

We believe PPE should fit every member of your workforce, which is why we offer a wide range of female-fit PPE. We collaborate with you and your female employees to find the right solutions, ensuring everyone has the protection they need.

We’re making simple changes that have a big impact, moving beyond “unisex” designs, which often cater primarily to men. At Tower, we are committed to closing the gender gap in PPE.

We believe it’s vital that women feel represented in workwear, especially PPE. The hard work isn’t over, and while we’re helping to bridge the gap, there’s still room for improvement. By working closely with customers, suppliers, and manufacturers, we will continue to enhance safety, comfort, and morale for all female workers.

To learn more about how Tower can keep your female workers safe, get in touch with us today!

Give us a call on 01202 718000 or fill out the form below to find out more.

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PPE that fits properly is an essential element of workplace safety.

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