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Front of house & hospitality uniforms

Whether it's for hotels, restaurants, bars or cruise ships, we have the solutions to protect your workers.

The importance of front-of-house uniforms

Front of house staff are often your customers' first point of contact with your business. Their appearance and demeanour can profoundly influence customer perceptions and overall satisfaction. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, cruise ship, or any other type of business, investing in the right hospitality workwear for your front-of-house team is an investment in your business's success.

For front-of-house and hospitality staff, their attire is more than just clothing—it's a reflection of your brand's values and commitment to excellence. From ensuring safety and projecting professionalism to reinforcing your brand identity, our front-of-house uniforms are designed to make a lasting impact.

Variety of products

Whether it's suits, ties, shirts or more, we have the front-of-house clothing you need to help your team stay smart and professional.

Quality & expertise

With over 40 years of workwear and PPE expertise, we know how to protect workers from across the hospitality industry whilst keeping them looking professional.

Custom solutions

Uniform doesn't have to be boring. Using our branding solutions we can add your logo to any uniform, ensuring it's specific and unique to your company.


At Tower, we are passionate about sustainability and protecting the world around us. This applies to our uniform and workwear, ensuring every aspect of the supply chain is as sustainable as possible.

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Hospitality workwear by industry

Hotel uniforms

Whether it's those working in your reception, bar, restaurant or other areas, we have the uniform you need for all members of your team who hold front-of-house roles in your hotel.

From shirts and ties to belts and trousers to aprons and polo shirts, you can find the right uniform for each specific role, helping them work in comfort whilst staying professional.

Restaurant uniforms

Restaurant workers can often spend hours a day on their feet whether that is as a server or in the kitchens so comfort is key. Their workwear also plays a pivotal role in ensuring their safety and efficiency in the demanding restaurant environment. Restaurant uniform can also protect workers from potential hazards such as spills, hot surfaces, and kitchen equipment.

Whether it's the more 'professional' look required for your servers including shirts and ties or a more protective garment for those working out back, we can source the right solutions, whilst keeping a strong brand identity between each area of your restaurant.

Bar uniforms

Workwear and protective garments are indispensable for bar workers, ensuring their safety and comfort in an often fast-paced environment.

Beyond just creating a polished and professional appearance, these garments shield against potential hazards such as spills and broken glass. Suitable workwear such as aprons can help maintain hygiene standards and can even be customised to reflect the unique branding and atmosphere of the bar.

Cruise ship uniforms

Cruise ship employees are both the friendly face of the ship and the force behind the running of the vessel. They play a crucial role in the customer experience, which is why something as simple as what they wear can actually make a big impact on both guests and employees themselves.

Cruise ship uniforms are more than brand identity or professionalism. They also enhance employee satisfaction, provide protection from hazards, and defend against the elements that employees may come across throughout the working day. Find out more about how we can help your cruise workers with our cruise ship uniform solutions.

Custom solutions

Although each job role within the hospitality sector will need slightly different uniforms and designs, they can still be entirely coordinated and branded to suit your establishment. We understand the need for branded workwear for both employee recognition and customer satisfaction, that's why we can help you source the right brand colours and place your logo on suitable workwear. Using the latest machine technology and highly trained operatives we are able to add your logo either by embroidery or heat-seal.

You can find out more about the branded clothing that Tower Supplies offers and our custom solutions.

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