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Who is at risk when installing EV charging points?

There is a growing army of electric vehicle (EV) charging point installers. As EV sales pick up momentum, and the UK prepares itself for the potential boom leading up to the 2030 ban on new diesel and petrol cars, more installers and technicians are getting skilled up in EV installation.

Just installing EV charging points is unlikely to be a full-time profession yet, but demand is growing day by day.

Increasing demand for charging points

EV charging points are becoming more mainstream in new homes and a law requiring new build homes and buildings to have electric car charging points will come in from 2022. This will see the domestic demand for charging especially picking up momentum from this year, as well as in commercial areas and businesses.

We spoke to Richard Pink at Project EV, who supplied the charging points for Tower’s car park, where we have our modest fleet of electric vehicles parked and ready to go. They have a full range of AC and DC chargers, extending from 7.3kW AC, all the way up to 300kW DC charging points.

Project EV

“We supply and provide equipment to the installation operatives and contractors and support with training where it is needed. We have experienced engineers who will attend the site and help if there are any problems with any of the equipment during the installation process.”

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Charging point installation safety

Demand is also increasing from sustainable technology providers (such as teams installing electric vehicle charging points) to protect workers with the right clothing and equipment. As a supplier with safety and sustainability in its DNA, we make sure people have the right PPE at every stage of charging point installation.

To carry out EV charging point installation you need to be a competent and qualified electrician. This is because you will need to know the correct regulations to follow and how to test and inspect your installation to ensure it is safe for the customer to use.

But before that happens, a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or an independent contractor may need to break ground at the initial stages of the installation. And this is where some of the biggest dangers are, especially the risk of arc flash from cable strikes.


The risks when breaking ground

HSE reported 318 injuries and fatalities caused by cable strikes between 2012 and 2017. And underground powerline strikes from July to September 2020 numbered 475, a jump of 20% on the same time the previous year.

Our goal is to help people work safely and arrive back home to their loved ones every day. If you are an electrical operative that is involved in breaking ground at the initial stage of charging point installation, then download our FREE infographic to understand the dangers and the PPE you will need to stay safe.

All clothing that meets IEC61482-2 (the arc flash safety standard) will provide some degree of protection. However, we believe it’s best to find out what’s specified in your risk assessment (or consult a specialist to produce one) to ensure adequate protection.

Fire Bear® is our EN certified specialist Flame Retardant and arc Protection range, designed by working with wearers over extensive trial periods. Fire Bear garments endure tough environments with record levels of user acceptance and satisfaction. Read our Fire Bear arc flash guide to learn more.

Remember, PPE is always the last line of defence.

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