How Tower are closing the gender PPE gap

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In our latest blog, we discuss how poorly fitted PPE places female workers in unnecessary danger and how Tower are committed to changing the gender PPE gap. Learn more below...

As a traditionally male-dominated area of workwear, finding PPE that fits is all too often a major challenge for women.

Yet, despite more women than ever joining the construction and energy industries, it remains that 71% of PPE is designed for men.

But let us be clear.

It’s far more than just a comfort thing.

Simply put, poorly fitted PPE places female workers in unnecessary danger and significantly hinders their work.

For instance, loose-fitting garments and gloves could get caught in machinery, and wearing too-large boots can cause otherwise avoidable accidents.

Not only this, but reports have also found that women have been forced to find alternative safety solutions, from tying hairbands around their wrists to stop oversized gloves slipping off to wearing extra pairs of socks to make size 4 feet fit into size 7 boots.

The gender PPE gap MUST change, and here at Tower, we are excited to be part of driving that change - starting from TODAY.

We’re extremely proud to supply high-quality PPE that has been designed for the female body using feedback received from women working within the industry.

Be it this high-visibility coverall, for example.

Microsoft Teams image 5
(Above: Our improved high-visibility coverall)

As you can see, we’ve amended our current style to include chevron high-visibility tape for additional stretch and comfort. Plus, raglan sleeves to prevent the coverall from riding up.

Simple changes, that make ALL the difference.

We’ve even adapted everyday items like our sweatshirts.

220210 Before After Sweatshirt
(Above: Our improved sweatshirt)

Our new style features a high collar, ¼ zip fastening, raglan sleeves to prevent your coat from pulling up, as well as a thumb loop to ensure sleeves don’t ride up. Plus, we’ve ensured it’s made from an ultra-lightweight fabric for an enhanced user experience.

But these are just two products from our brand new and ever-evolving female PPE range.

As one of the UK’s leading independent distributors of PPE for 38 years, our services and products are tried and tested by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF) to achieve Registered Safety Supplier scheme approval. A process that ensures our PPE meets an incredibly high standard to keep workplaces and our customers safe.

To find out more and to learn how Tower can keep both yourself and your female workers safe don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Give us a call on 01202 718000 or fill out the form below to find out more.

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