Why we’re developing our own FR and ARC clothing range for women

Bruce Woodfield
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A look at how and why we’re developing our own exclusive range of arc flash and fire-resistant women’s PPE, to tackle the problems of a “one size fits all” unisex approach to safety workwear.

We wrote an article recently that touched on how we’re closing the gender PPE gap by providing PPE that’s designed for females. How we’re making simple changes that make a BIG difference. And why we’re on a mission to improve on “unisex” designs, which are predominantly still designed for men.

This is about more than simply gender fairness or comfort. Poor-fitting or loose safety workwear puts the user at risk, with many women having to create “work-arounds” that I think are simply unacceptable in dangerous work environments.

What is the PPE gender gap?

I’ve spent the last 15 years supplying customers with their workwear and PPE. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s the importance of catering for everyone, not just the most common type of worker. This isn’t fashion, this is personal protective equipment. There is no compromise.

The Tower mission is to “make the workplace a better place”. We do this by providing intelligent solutions that protect people and enhance their environment. It’s about doing more than just providing PPE and workwear. We have a duty to make sure it’s fit for purpose and keeps people safe.

Who is the new PPE range for?

Tower are so dedicated to fixing the gender PPE gap issue, that we’re currently working with a designer who understands the challenges women face, to create a high-quality range of ARC flash and fire-resistant (FR) clothing within our own exclusive FireBear range.

We’re making the range of women’s ARC-flash and FR clothing exclusive to Tower for the 10% of the workforce that are female. It’s designed for them, and only for them. That means complimentary, but also fit for purpose, highly durable, long lasting, functional, and forward thinking.

What’s in the PPE range?

Our exclusive range of ARC flash and fire-resistant (FR) clothing includes hi-vis polo shirts, t-shirts, hi-vis jackets, sweatshirts, and hi-vis coveralls. Many of these products are also designed to be longer lasting with extended lifetimes.

The new range has been specifically cut, styled, and measured around women who need ARC flash and fire-resistant clothing. Unlike many unisex offerings, we’re developing a range that delivers the comfort and performance that women demand.

We also believe in protection without compromise. That’s why the range includes standard features such as higher collars, triple stitching, ultra-lightweight materials, chevron tape, waterproof designs, map pockets, and a raglan sleeve with thumb loops to ensure the sleeves don’t ride up or down.

I believe it’s of vital importance that women feel represented when it comes to workwear and especially PPE. The gender PPE gap is a big issue, and I’m proud that we’re now designing our own exclusive-to-Tower ARC flash and FR range, to add further to our portfolio of women’s PPE options.

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Bruce Woodfield
Divisional Managing Director - Power & Utilities

Bruce works at the forefront of global requirements and is a leading authority on arc flash PPE. Bruce is also highly knowledgeable about the requirements of the Energy and Utilities industry.

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